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Month: June 2013

Tips from your international moving company.

By in Latest News June 27, 2013

Moving to England

moving to England soon? Sure England has the West End Theater District, plenty of restaurants serving decadent cuisines and more entertainment than most areas, but the packing aspect of the move can be a major dread. Of course you will want to see Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, The Tower of London and all of the […]

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By in Latest News June 21, 2013

Moving to Denmark: Sightseeing

Moving to Denmark is a great opportunity to explore this beautiful country! Situated on the northern tip of mainland Europe, and the southernmost Nordic Country, Denmark is a country rich in history and tradition. It is also a wonderful place to live, consistently ranking towards or at the top of quality of life lists such as social mobility, income equality, per capita income, and the Human Development Index. Denmark also frequently ranks as the happiest country in the world. When visiting or moving to Denmark, be sure and check out these popular destinations while you are there:

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By in Latest News June 19, 2013

International moving company: I Love Moving

International moving can be really stressful without help from a moving expert. I Love Moving is company that offers international moving expertise. We do everything from packing, shipping internationally by air to working with ocean freight. When you first visit the site you will be directed to filling out a simple form with your name and contact information. You will be asked where you want things moved to and from and how much freight you will need moved.

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By in Latest News June 14, 2013

Moving to The Bahamas: Best Beaches

Moving to The Bahamas gives you the access to beautiful beaches there. With some of the most beautiful beaches in the world located in the Bahamas, it can be difficult to choose which ones to visit, especially if you have limited time.  I’ll try and make it easy for you by picking three of my favorites.  Each of these beaches offer something different, so depending on how you like to spend your beach time, you can choose accordingly!

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By in Latest News June 5, 2013

Moving to Dubai: Best Family Neighborhoods

Moving to Dubai soon? Propelled by the oil industry, Dubai has since become a booming financial and transportation hub and tourist destination. Routinely voted as the best place to live in the Middle East, it is easy to see why. Many Dubai companies are hiring foreigners, especially from the United States, and many of these expats will have family in tow. Here are some of the best neighborhoods for families:

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