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Month: October 2013

Tips from your international moving company.

By in Uncategorized October 29, 2013

Moving To Sydney, Australia

Moving to Sydney, Australia is a great decision, in my opinion. Anyone moving to Sydney will find a vibrant, modern city, full of things to see and do. Nicknamed the Harbor City, Sydney is one of the world’s most livable cities.  Renowned for its rich history, vibrant art and fashion scene, lush nature, delicious cuisine, […]

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By in Uncategorized October 16, 2013

Moving to Zurich – Everything You Need to Know

Switzerland is the ideal destination where all your European (and chocolate) dreams can come true. Whether you are moving to Zurich for love or a job, we are sure you will fall in love with this charming Central European city by the lake. If you still have some concerns and unanswered questions, here are the most important things you should know before relocating to the largest Swiss city.

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By in Uncategorized October 1, 2013

Moving to Amsterdam: Advice and Tips

If you think you might be moving to Amsterdam soon, there are a few preparations that you should make. Think about whether you would like to try to learn the local language before you go. Most people in the city will speak Dutch as their native language. English is extensively taught in the local schools here, so you may be able to find many people to talk to you. Keep in mind that they will be appreciative of anyone who makes an effort at learning their own language.

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