Month: November 2013

Tips from your international moving company.

By in Latest News November 6, 2013

Moving Tips: Moving to New Zealand

In making a big move to another country it goes with saying many factors must be taken into account. First “why am I making such a huge step, where is the best location for my needs” In this case it’s a business move were my company is relocating for logistics purposes. Location is also important for housing, shopping, and schools. Other less essentials would include restaurants, parks, and even the night life.

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By in Latest News November 1, 2013

Moving Tips: Moving to Taiwan

If you are planning on moving to Taiwan in the future, you will be interested in reading about how to plan for this trip. Since you will be moving to another country, it can take some substantial planning to ensure it goes well. Citizens of the United States will need to plan to obtain a visa and other travel documents before they go.

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