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Month: February 2020

Tips from your international moving company.

By in Country Guides February 27, 2020

A Guide on Moving to Canada with Pets

Have you been thinking about relocating to the Great White North with your animal companion? If so, there are some rules and regulations you should be familiar with when moving to Canada with pets. Even if you’ve already moved with your animal friend someplace else, you should check these rules to see what might be different. Each destination is specific, so let’s find out what it takes to relocate to Canada with a pet.


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By in Country Guides February 14, 2020

The Ultimate 2020 Step by Step Guide to Moving to Denmark

You are moving to Denmark soon, and you can’t wait for it. You’ve heard so much about this beautiful country, and now you’re looking forward to calling it your home yourself. The only question is, how exactly are you going to move there? International relocation requires careful preparation, so you should be ready to get down to business and start your preparations early enough.

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By in Country Guides February 3, 2020

Moving to Sydney? Don’t Lose Sight of These Important Relocation Tips

After some thorough thinking, moving to Sydney turned out to be the right choice for you. And why wouldn’t it be? This marvelous metropolis has so much to offer even to those who’re just visiting, let alone to those that decide to settle down here. From mostly beautiful, sunny days all year round, stunning beaches, rich arts scene, to all kinds of amenities, there is a wide range of things that make the capital of New South Wales an excellent destination.

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