5 DIY Furniture Items

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Moving can be very costly and tedious, especially if you are moving internationally. So why not minimize that stress and get rid of the unnecessary things and make your own? At least until your get on your feet at your new place. We all need furniture, and it’s great when you can get something that expresses your personal style without breaking the bank. Here are a few DIY statement pieces that should lighten your moving load.

Getting into DIY projects can be tricky, so Pinterest and your friends would be very good tools to use as far as ideas, inspirations, and instructions. Call it a DIY party, where everyone helps build one project or several individual ones. It’s also a great idea to search for coupons when going shopping for supplies to make your furniture. You can always find some specials online. Otherwise things could get costly. Some of the individual items used to create these pieces costed as low as $7.50! Even the total cost of building the platform bed added up to $55!  If you follow the links provided, they will take you to blogs filled with instructions, coupons, suggestions and any other things you may need to start your DIY home furniture journey.

Platform Bed



Modular Seating



Vintage Bookshelf



Coffee Table



Bookshelf Command Center



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