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By Eva Johnson in Country Guides September 28, 2020

Planning Moving to Amsterdam ? A Guide for Future American Expat in the Netherlands

If you’re planning on moving to Amsterdam and starting a new life as an expat, you should get to know the Dutch lifestyle and prepare for some differences that might await you. You should get familiar with the neighborhoods, climate, and safety of the city, as well as the daily habits and customs of the people living there.

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By Eva Johnson in Country Guides May 7, 2020

Things You Need To Know About Moving To Spain

Moving to Spain from the USA sounds like an adventure, right? Just think about all the different things you could do there. Did you know that the nation is known by the name Bull Skin? This gives you a clue about entertainment options that vary from bulls to tomato fights. The country has loads of different fun and exciting things to offer you.

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By Eva Johnson in Moving Tips April 1, 2020

15 Amazing Tips for Learning a New Language

Whoever starts the adventure called mastering a language will encounter difficulties of various kinds, from the number of words to remember and grammatical rules to apply to strange pronunciations and vocal combinations. But, by following some of the best tips for learning a new language, you’ll be able to get the grasp of your latest challenge.

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By Eva Johnson in How-to November 9, 2019

How to Live Abroad – Things to Know Before Moving

If you decide to be one of nearly 9 million Americans living overseas, don’t let anything intimidate you. Consider all benefits and drawbacks and learn how to live abroad so that your decision changes your life only for the better. Follow our guide and carefully organize a move that will soon become the most amazing experience you’ll ever have.

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By Eva Johnson in Country Guides November 4, 2019

Best European Country to Live In

If you’re planning on moving to Europe for whatever reason, you might be wondering what the best European country to live in is.

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By Eva Johnson in Moving Tips September 9, 2019

Quotes About Moving and Change

Relocation is definitely a huge step in your life, especially if you are going to another city or somewhere far away. Changing the environment, habits, familiar faces and places for something totally new and unpredictable is challenging. But with the help of strong and inspiring quotes about moving, that change doesn’t have to be so hard for you. 

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By Eva Johnson in Country Guides September 2, 2019

All You Need to Know About Employee Relocation

Company and employee relocation is sometimes necessary to boost productivity. However, it requires patience and careful planning. Even though you can find skilled workers everywhere, some of them have certain skills or knowledge that makes them almost irreplaceable. So, you may need to relocate your current employees and their families, which is a stressful adventure and, if not managed properly, can even cause you problems instead of prosperity. Finding corporate relocation services that are beneficial for you and acceptable for your employees is quite a challenge, as starting a new life elsewhere is not an easy decision for them to make.

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By Eva Johnson in How-to August 20, 2019

How to Pack Jewelry for Moving

Whether they are valuable or sentimental items, jewelry is something we do not want to lose or break. That is why many wonder how to pack when moving jewelry by air or sea. Bear in mind that they are prone to breaking and tangling and are easily misplaced. So it is best to approach packing with care. Before you start, you might also want to make a selection of the ones you wish to keep and the ones you do not. You can also wear the ones you like the most to reduce the number of pieces you need to transport. With that in mind, we have some tips that can help you move your items safely to your new home.

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By Eva Johnson in Moving Tips September 12, 2018

Breaking the Language Barrier

Why is breaking the language barrier when relocating overseas so crucial, but at the same time seems so difficult? Learning foreign tongues can make blending into a new place much easier. We’re not just talking about your ability to read books and newspapers, but actually talk with someone who speaks it. And it usually takes courage to overcome the fear and embarrassment of making mistakes or not remembering the correct word, even though you’ve said it a thousand times before.

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By Eva Johnson in Moving Tips July 11, 2018

Moving with Pets Overseas: Everything You Need to Know

Since animals can’t comprehend the relocation process, moving with pets can be very stressful for you and for them. Furthermore, they are attached to their known environment and can react badly to any change. 

And when relocating overseas, things get even more complicated. Your beloved animal will have to endure a long flight and, just like yourself, learn how to live in another country.

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