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What are the Best Places to Live in Canada for US Expats

Posted Country Guides / December 21, 2020

An increasing number of Americans decide to move to Canada each year. And it is no surprise considering it has an exceptionally high quality of life. So if you too have plans to move here, you’re probably wondering what the best places to live in Canada are? Well, so are we, which is why we decided to research and present you with the best cities in Canada to live in 2021.

What Are the Best Places to Live in Canada?

If you decided to move to Canada, you probably have many questions, like which is the best province to live in Canada? Where is the most affordable place to live in Canada?  What are the best cities to live in Canada? The advantage of moving to Canada is that you have various cities to choose from, depending on your preferences. What is extraordinary about this incredible country is the fact that all the cities can provide you with pretty much everything you’re looking for.

Check Out the Most “Livable City” in Canada – Vancouver

Moving to Vancouver is a great decision since this metropolitan city, famous for its beauty, is surrounded by snow-covered mountains and the ocean. As the movie industry’s north capital, he earned his name as “North Hollywood.” It is a family-friendly city with one of the best educational systems in Canada. It is conceded to be one of the best places to live in the Great White North.

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Employment Options and Cost of Living in Vancouver, Canada

The cost of living in Vancouver is high compared to other places in the country, but the average income is also higher. Renting a one-bedroom apartment in a central location can cost around $1,600, on average, but if you go a bit further, you can find the same size apartment for $1,220. If you are moving internationally, you are probably wondering how to find work in Vancouver. Even though the job market is very competitive, there are still plenty of job opportunities. Vancity is famous for offering many outdoor and sports activities, from snow sports in the winter to water sports in the summer. Maybe Vancity is the answer to the question of which city is best in Canada for living? Since it has been ranked for many years as the most livable place in the world.

The Place Where Business Magic Happens – Toronto

Financial capital and largest city in the Great White North – dubbed as the “happiest place to live and work” in the world can also easily be the best place to live in Canada. Toronto is famous for its high quality of life and a lot of job opportunities. Don’t forget about the breathtaking nature in the vicinity of Toronto. Yes, we are talking about Niagara Falls’ most famous sight in the world. This place is renowned for its innovation and investment in health, safety, and security, so moving to Toronto could be the best decision you’ve ever made.

How Expensive Is Toronto?

The cost of living in Toronto is high. For instance, prices of housing are higher than in other Canadian cities. Renting a three-bedroom apartment in the city center is around $2,700, while for $1,000 less, you can rent a one-bedroom apartment in the same location, according to Numbeo. But your proximity to cultural diversity, nightlife, and major employers can be worth it.

Family-Friendly Capital – Ottawa, Ontario

Canada’s capital is the state’s political and cultural center and easily one of the best places to live in Ontario. It is also called “Government District” because all public services are provided here – most people work in government. Ottawa is one of the safest capitals in the world, so if you choose to find a home here, you will enjoy the variety and diversity of Ottawa neighborhoods. From the urban center with vibrant nightlife, fantastic architecture, and history to fast-growing suburbs with a tight community and family-friendly surroundings. Costs of living in O-Town are affordable for capital, and on average, a household of four spends around $3,287 monthly without the rent. The average monthly net income after taxes is approximately $3,000, according to Numbeo.

La Vieille Capitale or the Old Capital – Quebec City

The capital of Quebec province, one of the oldest European cities in North America, with plenty of historical attractions, is also an excellent place for newcomers to start their new life here. You don’t need a degree to get employment here, but you will need to learn French. Also, if you are wondering, what is the safest city to live in Canada? The answer will be Quebec. According to the latest crime severity index report, Quebec city had the lowest crime rates in 2019. In the past year, Quebec has had a decrease in the crime rate, so if you plan to buy a home and move to Canada in 2021 with your family, this city will be an excellent choice.

La Métropole du QuébecMontreal

Montreal is the largest city in Quebec province, which means that most people are French-speaking. In fact, 60% of the population can speak both languages, so start with your French classes and look up some tips for learning a new language. The cost of living in Montreal is cheaper than in Toronto. You can rent a three-bedroom apartment in the city center for $1,700. It has an excellent economy and good education, and the best thing is that your kids will learn two languages. Learn about the best neighborhoods in Montreal, which are so diverse and unusual, pick the right one, and start packing to move. Check out this video to see some advice from other expats.

“World’s Cleanest City” Calgary, Alta

Calgary is the largest city in the western Canadian province, Alberta (Alta). It’s a spotless city, in terms of adequate drinking water and air pollution. If you are interested in moving to Calgary,  newcomers can easily find numerous job opportunities, especially mechanics, miners, and entrepreneurs. The average income is higher here, so you will do the same job for more money if you move here. Housing is affordable, and taxes are low when compared to other parts of the country, so the overall cost of living in Calgary won’t break your bank.

Where Is the Most Affordable Place to Live in Canada?

If you’re wondering which places rank as more affordable or what is the cheapest place to live in Canada, there are plenty of options to choose from. When looking for a budget-friendly place in CA, many people decide to expat and start their new life in these Canadian towns:

  • Edmonton
  • Quebec
  • Kingston
  • Kitchener
  • Waterloo

Is It Worth Moving to the Great White North?

Moving overseas can be very unpredictable, so to avoid all unnecessary stress and days of packing, you should consider hiring an international moving company. This way, you will not have to worry about overseas vehicle shipping or packing because professional, international Canada movers also provide boxes and moving supplies. There are many things to consider before deciding to move across the world, but it will pay off if your place of choice is in Canada. Maybe, in the beginning, you will need to learn how to adjust to a new country, but it won’t last long and moving here will be the best choice you made.

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