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What are the Best Places to Live in Orange County, CA

Posted Country Guides / November 21, 2020

Answering the question of what are the best places to live in Orange County, CA, is very hard, and anyone who knows anything about California can confirm. This state is so loved and popular, and Orange County is one of it’s best regions. Considering moving abroad to one of these locations can be overwhelming if you’ve never been here, so we tried to be the first (and we hope the last) aid you will need.

You surely know how beautiful this state is since you’re looking up the locations and thinking about hiring an international moving company and moving to Orange County. California is world-famous for many things such as the perfect weather, plenty of amazing job opportunities, great living standards, and, well, high costs and taxes. International moving to Cali is a wish becoming a reality for a lot of people, so let us help you and be a part of your life-changing journey.

How to Choose Among All of the Best Places to Live in Orange County, CA?

You probably know many things about CA already, but do you know what you’re looking for from a location you’ll reside in? If you’re not completely sure, we understand. That’s why we divided them into categories. In this guide, you’ll find the following:

  • Favorable cities
  • The best towns
  • Top suburbs
  • Amazing neighborhoods
  • The safest locations
  • Most affordable options
  • Spots that fit young professionals’ needs
  • Locations with great nightlife
  • The most suitable places for retirees
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What’s the Key Factor That Makes the Best Place to Live in Orange County?

Your moving across the world must have a very good reason, and depending on that, you surely have the most important things you want and expect from your future home. It’s completely up to you – it might be the crime level, proximity to the restaurants and bars, educational options, or the prettiest beaches. If it’s the last one, you might have a problem choosing. After deciding what the things that matter the most to you are, you’ll pick your new destination in a second, and questions such as how to move overseas and how to live in another country won’t exist.

Looking for the Best Cities to Live in Orange County? Start With Irvine

Probably everyone’s favorite – with so many perks that it has to offer, maybe you will even look no further than Irvine. Born and raised residents, as well as those who recently moved here, have only positive things to say. It’s safe, clean, the educational system is fantastic, it’s very diverse, and people are warm and welcoming. Those who choose to reside here will have plenty of activities to do every day (because the weather is nice almost always,) they’ll get to enjoy this city’s walkability and try all the tasty food out there. As you could assume, living overseas in Irvine isn’t cheap – the median rent is $2,260, and the median home value is almost $800,000. On the other hand, the median income of a household here is around $101,000.

A City Nearby Called Laguna Niguel Is Another Great Pick

Adjusting to a new country will be a piece of cake if you move to Laguna Niguel. This spot is suitable for all kinds of people because it’s very diverse and fits every lifestyle. This hillside town is located in the southern OC, and it has a good business climate, so finding a job won’t be a problem. Real estate is the primary industry here, but many people also work at the Federal Building. This is a very well kept community and the local government is very efficient, so everything is kept nice and clean. Beaches are only twenty minutes away, while LA is just an hour away.

One of the Safest and Best Places to Live in Orange County Is Laguna Beach

Looking for a location where you can leave your doors unlocked at night, knowing that there will be no problems? Then it’s time to get all the documents needed to travel abroad and to move here. It’s very walkable, everything is accessible, and the residents are very friendly and respectable. Moving with cats, moving with dogs, or moving with pets in general is an amazing idea as well because of the beautiful weather all year round. The beaches will be in your backyard, hiking trails are nearby, there’s plenty of art and culture, and you’ll be living in a real tight community. What’s not to love?

Newport Beach Belongs to the Best Orange County Towns

Are you searching for an area that will give you a feeling of a mixed urban and suburban town? Then Newport Beach is the one for you. This beautiful coastal town is famous for surfing on the big ocean waves, so if you’re moving to another country for love, your significant other may have to compete with surfing for your time (unless you’re doing it together, of course.) This is the perfect spot for those who enjoy spending time outside, and there’s a bonus: breathtaking sunsets will be your company every evening. You can go to some of the recommended restaurants or grab some street food and enjoy it with a view.

University Park Is One of the Best Neighborhoods in Orange County

Small and cozy, University Park is very well maintained and gives its residents a feeling of safety. There are elementary and middle schools close by, so it’s good for families with children. You’ll also find many recreational activities in this diverse location. Currently, around thirteen thousand people reside here, and the real estate prices are similar as in the places above – median rent is $2,500, and the median value of homes is $720,000.

Seal Beach Is One of the Cheapest Places to Live in Orange County

Orange County cost of living is pretty high, and many can’t afford to be a resident of California. Luckily, there are some places here that can even be affordable for buying a residence. Seal Beach is the number one location for that, according to the Niche website. It’s not only inexpensive, but it’s also safe, with a tight-knit community. The ideal ratio of price and quality if you ask us. Life after the overseas shipping of your belongings usually starts with renting, and here you will pay around $1,850. In case you decide to buy a house now or in 2021, the median price will be approximately $355,000, which is very cheap for CA standards. Keep in mind that the real estate prices might even go down in 2021 because of the Corona pandemics.

Close to the Best Cities in Orange County Is a Beautiful Suburb Aliso Viejo

Being close to the metropolitan area but still having peace and quiet is what makes suburbs so popular, and Aliso Viejo is an excellent example. It’s halfway between San Diego and Los Angeles, located right on the coast. Finish your moving abroad checklist, prepare your vehicle for international car shipping, and come here if you wish to reside in a quiet and safe area with many places to shop and eat. It’s constantly evolving to be even better, and public education options are outstanding – 25 colleges and universities are within a radius of 30 miles.

What Else Makes It One of the Best Places to Live in Orange County, Ca?

Nature lovers will have a blast. There are endless recreational possibilities, from going to the beaches or pools to hiking on the canyons or golfing. Whatever comes to your mind will probably be available in Aliso Viejo. You can go trail running, walking in the parks, or wait for the winter and go snowboarding. Until then, surfing is always an option.

Where to Live in Orange County if You’re a Young Professional? Take a Look at San Joaquin Hills

A bit less than four thousand people reside in this expensive neighborhood suitable for young professionals. If you consider that the median household income here is bigger than $175,000, the rent of $3,000 doesn’t sound too bad. It’s safe, clean, the scenery is beautiful, and it’s very well connected. Los Angeles, Irvine, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, and Laguna Niguel are all close by, so overseas vehicle shipping would be a good option to use. Keep in mind, though, that San Joaquin Hills is a posh area and that there isn’t much community sense. The positive side of coming to reside here will be that you won’t have to interact with anyone. Introverts, we’re talking to you. Extroverts should re-think or find friends in places nearby.

Where to Live in Orange County, CA to Have a Good Time? Consider Santa Ana

Have you figured how to keep in touch with friends? Then it’s time to meet new ones. Santa Ana’s nightlife is impeccable, and every party person should check it out. You’ll find great food, music, drinks, and dancing in so many places, such as Hector’s Nightclub or The Copper Door. You’ll get along with people quickly while you enjoy arts, culture, and theme parks together.

There’s Another Place That Offers All of This: Check Out Huntington Beach

The diversity of Huntington Beach has made it such a fun place with friendly people. Downtown is everyone’s favorite with many nightclubs, bars, and restaurants that are open till late hours. There are also tourist attractions that locals enjoy as well, such as going to the Pier, Knott’s Berry Farm, and Adventure City.

Dana Point Is a Great Place to Retire

Are you planning to contact an overseas shipping company because you want to find the perfect location for retiring? You should consider Dana Point. It is a very calm area, rents are in the middle range, and you can buy a property for $860,000. It’s very walkable, and there’s easy access to the train station and freeways. If you plan on moving during the holidays, you will see festive lights and decorations all around. You can take a ferry and go to Catalina Island whenever you want, or just enjoy walks on the sandy beaches each day.

What Else Should You Pay Attention to When Moving Overseas

Once you’re done with learning how to pack shoes for moving and what to pack when moving abroad in general, it’s time to find and contact the most reputable overseas moving company. Figure out with them should you be moving by air or by sea, would you need to schedule a free home survey and do any of your things require custom crating. If you don’t want to waste time packing your boxes and furniture, professional movers can do it for you. In case you’re moving abroad alone, you can also ask the company to use their high-profile storage until you find the perfect location for yourself. Moving internationally is a lot of work, but once it’s done and you’re finally in warm and sunny Cali, you’ll forget all the fuss you had about moving overseas.

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