The Do’s and Don’ts When Relocating to Italy

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Italy is quite a beautiful and welcoming country to relocate to! I Love Moving has set up a list of tips to help get you feeling like a local in Italy in no time!
  • Do expect that you are going to be going on a lot of walks, so remember to wear comfortable shoes.
  • Don’t eat or drink at locations such as the cathedral steps, fountains and monuments. This is a new rule by the government and you can easily be fined for up to €240 if you break this rule. You can enjoy your food at home, in a café or during your walk.
  • Do dress appropriately when visiting one of Italy’s churches. It is frowned upon to show your shoulders and knees. At St. Peter’s cathedral in Rome you won’t be let in.
Italy Cathedral
  • With your meal, do order wine or water. Italians even have fizzy water called “frizzante” that you can try out. Know that ice is put into drinks only by request, so if you want some then order it.
  • Do keep an eye on your belongings. It is common to get pickpocketed on the streets if you are distracted.

  • Don’t let the work hours of most businesses in Italy surprise you. Most hours take a break for lunch from around 1-4pm. This is a good idea for you to go for lunch as well before going to that shop you need to buy something from.
  • Do take the time to see all of Italy. Trying to get accustomed to your surroundings in less than 10 days is impossible here. This is why you should take the time to go to fewer places, but enjoy them more.
  Italy Venice
  • Do teach yourself patience because you are going to need it here. Italians tend to be known for being late and cutting in line.
  • Don’t be shy! Italians are quite friendly people so try and greet everyone you come across from waiters, taxi drivers and salespeople.
  • Do use your hand expressions! Notice how the locals use their hands to express what they have to say and their emotions. Try doing this as well and you will be feeling like a local in no time!
  • Do be very cautious when crossing the streets of Italy. In Italy the streets are quite busy and it is hard to tell if it is the pedestrians turn to cross the street or the drivers.
  • Do be sure to give compliments. Criticism is not taken very well in Italy. Neither is comparing countries, so don’t bring up your hometown.
  • Do always have cash on you because most shops, restaurants and taxis only take cash and not credit cards.

In conclusion, we hope that you get the most out of your relocation to this remarkable country! Italy is filled with treasures on absolutely every corner so it is up to you to explore them all! When you feel that you are ready to start planning out your relocation, give I Love Moving a call!

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