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Brilliant Tips on How to Get a Job Before You Move Overseas

Posted How-to / August 18, 2022
Anastasia Hill

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With no intention to overestimate, finding out how to get a job before you move can solve many potential problems. Relocations are often unpredictable, and no matter how well prepared you are, having something reliable, such as a good workplace that waits for you, can offer you much-needed stability. This is why it is essential to follow our tips and make sure you don’t experience unnecessary stress. 

Should I Get a Job Before I Move? Finding a Reliable Workplace Is a Great Idea

You are not the first nor the last person asking themselves this exact question. One of the most common reasons people move is to look for a good place to work in their profession. Better payment, opportunities to grow your business in a new culture, and meeting many interesting people can be huge motivators, even for moving overseas. But, no matter how qualified and professional you are, looking for a workplace in advance is definitely a smart decision that can save you from many unnecessary complications. 

Why Is It Recommended to Get a Job Before You Move to a New Home?

Finding a job before moving will, without any doubt, save you from relocation stress and make the whole process of adjusting to a new country much easier. Here are some of the most common reasons people decide to look for a reliable working position before international moving:

  • You can get a visa easier,
  • You can rent a new place easier,
  • You can plan your finances in advance,
  • You’ll know in which area to look for a home (if you want to stay close to your workplace),
  • It will be easier to meet people when you arrive,
  • You won’t be wasting your financial resources in a foreign country while looking for a new source of income.

These are only some of the many benefits of relocating with a reliable position guaranteed. If you are relocating on a low budget, doing it without a secure position is not recommended, so it’s definitely better for you to follow our tips if you want to move efficiently.

How Do I Get a Job if I Want to Relocate? Make a List of Pros and Cons Before You Start to Pack

First of all, it is essential that you do your research and decide where you want to relocate and why especially when relocating abroad. It is mandatory that you find out as much as you can about the market in your desired destination and learn what benefits relocating there might bring you. It would be a huge waste to downgrade and have a lower income than in your current position only because you want to live in a foreign country. 

The Best Thing You Can Do Is Proper Research About a Place You Are Moving to and Think About Its Current Employment Potential

You can easily do this research by googling the most wanted positions in specific areas around the world. If your profession is in demand, you have a good chance of finding a workplace there. Still, this is not the only thing you should look out for.

For example, working as a nurse in a different country can bring you many different incomes, so you need to find out the potential salary for the position you’re applying for. Sometimes you might start with a salary that’s lower than your current one but with a possibility of growth in the upcoming period.

With that out of the way, let’s go over some relocation tips and explain how to get yourself in a proper working position much easier.

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Decide What Position You’re Applying for and See What Qualifications Are Required for It

Finding a job before relocating can be easy if you know your criteria, but it can be even easier if you decide to lower them and stay open to various work possibilities. There are usually two types of people relocating while searching for jobs – the ones that only accept to move for a much better position and income or the ones that only want to experience something different and interesting, no matter the working terms.

This should be your first decision – which category you prefer. If you’re looking for any position not only in a specific city, the search can be much faster and easier. You’ll probably find many options in many different places around the world. If, on the other hand, you’re aiming to grow your career, this process might take some time and require more research. 

Time is the key here, so if you have a last-minute move, you won’t be in a position to wait much to find an ideal offer. It’s recommended to accept any position for starters and then look for better options once the relocation is complete

Consider Hiring a Professional Recruiter and Use LinkedIn and Other Business Networks to Connect With Professionals

It is often hard to find suitable jobs, even when you search in a current area, so hiring a recruiter in a foreign country and consulting with them can be a great idea. These people are great sources of information – they will tell you everything about the approximate salaries, working conditions you can expect, jobs in demand and many other interesting things. If you are qualified for some specific position, they might even set you up for an interview with some companies that are looking for a person with your profile. 

Also, don’t ever underestimate the power of social network accounts that you can use to connect with people in your profession from all over the world. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date with all the important information about your working experience, as this will help foreign companies find you much more easily. 

Make Sure You Have All the Necessary Documents

If you want to get a job in a new city across the world, you’ll need to prepare many documents in order to fulfill all the legal requirements. Unfortunately, this is something many people forget to do when relocating, so it can lead to many future complications. There are a few things you need to focus on the most:

  • Visa,
  • New address,
  • Language requirements.

Apart from this, your CV and cover letter are something you obviously must offer (translated into a foreign language if needed). It will be much easier to get a working visa and become a legal resident if you have a company that guarantees for you.

A reliable source of income is needed for renting an apartment in a foreign country, so this is why it is recommended that you include workplace information when renting an apartment. When you search for jobs, make sure you inform the company that you are about to relocate – there is a chance that they will automatically refuse your application if it’s addressed to your current location. You can include this information in your cover letter. Include the reasons for your relocation in this letter and what you are trying to achieve with your move. 

Proof that you are a foreign language speaker might also be necessary, especially if your native language is different from the one required in your new position. You need to find out which level of knowledge is required and have a certificate that proves you are qualified. 

Be Prepared for Online Interviews, but Also Fly Out if Necessary

Even if this is your first time relocating and looking for a workplace, you probably know that the process goes from sending a CV to a live interview basically anywhere in the world. When you are applying for a position in a foreign country, it is allowed to require an online interview, but it is not excluded that the company will require you to meet in person. This is especially important for some positions that require specific physical activities that can not be justified through an online video call. 

You’ll have to pay for this trip on your own unless the company is actively recruiting you. This can also be a great opportunity for you to find out more about the city you plan to relocate to and the future working environment. Even if they like you and accept your application, it is not excluded that you get a different impression from what you expected and look for another position. 

This video might help you learn how to prepare for an online interview and impress your interviewer.

How Do I Move to a New Place Without a Job? Tips on How to Start a Life in a Foreign Country Without Financial Problems

Relocating internationally requires a lot of preparation, so some people decide to skip looking for jobs before they move and find something once the relocation process is over. Sure, this is possible, but it will also require a bigger budget – you’ll need to be able to support yourself while living abroad without regular income. The amount you’ll need for this period will depend on the estimated living expenses in the area you are relocating to. 

You’ll have to do proper research about real estate, transportation, utility prices, and much more. Some of the best websites where you can find this information are:

  • BestPlaces,
  • Numbeo,
  • NerdWallet.

The costs will also depend on whether you are relocating abroad alone or with a whole family which you need to support. Ensure you include all the factors in these calculations and always have some extra savings on top of it, just for some unpredictable situations. 

How Much Money Should I Save to Move Without a Job?

Relocating without finding a reliable workplace first will require you to save a lot more money. The precise amount of your savings will depend on the place you are relocating to, and you’ll have to calculate all the potential living expenses for at least 2-3 months, which is how long it takes for most people to find a suitable working position. 

Obviously, this period is usually needed for finding something that really suits you – you can start by getting yourself into any working position (even the one you are overqualified for) before getting a really good one. 

Can You Get a Job Without an Address?

It is possible to find employment without including your address, but it will be much easier to do if the address information is included. You have to acknowledge that most people decide to change their address before they move. This will help you get all the mail and avoid paying utilities for two places at once.

Should I Find a Job or a House First?

Should I find a job or an apartment first? Getting a job before moving abroad is important, even if you have found an apartment. However, unless you plan to live in a hotel and spend tons of money,  looking for an apartment after the move is only possible if you have a place to crash (for example, a friend or a family member).

On the other hand, some landlords will require that you show them proof that you are currently working and that you are able to support yourself while you stay in their house or apartment and that you’ll be able to pay the rent. If you have proof of your savings in the bank account, this can be a good alternative in case you haven’t found an appropriate workplace yet. 

Now That You Know How to Get a Job Before You Move, Consider Hiring a Professional International Moving Company

If you want to ensure that everything will go smoothly after finding a reliable workplace, you should also consider hiring an overseas moving company. This will reduce the potential anxiety about the upcoming relocation process – you’ll know what professional overseas shipping company will handle your possessions with great care and help you avoid relocation mistakes. You can also book additional packing services for some fragile objects or request vehicle shipping for your beloved car. If you want to calculate how much relocating across the world will cost you, all you have to do is require a quote for shipping overseas, and you’ll find out the estimated price.

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