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Important Corona Virus Update

Posted Moving Fundamentals / March 12, 2020

If you’re planning to travel abroad, you are probably frightened due to coronavirus and its global spreading. Depending on your final destination, your moving might be exposed to lower or higher risks for infection. Everyday preventive actions are recommended and consider washing your hands regularly, avoiding contact with sick people, and avoiding touching mouth, nose, or eyes with unwashed hands.

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However, some relocations can’t be delayed despite the global situation. Furthermore, if you’re not sick and haven’t been in contact with someone who has coronavirus disease, with precautionary measures and self-conscious behavior, you can rest assured that your moving process will go smoothly.

Whether you’re traveling local or long-distance, you should find out what countries are under the risk of limited or sustained community transmission. Also, since in the U.S. there are 938 total cases, you should be very cautious wherever you go. Even if your move is to the city in the vicinity, the safety and well-being of everyone should be a question of paramount importance for you and your moving company.

Speaking about precautions about global coronavirus situation, we, as your trustworthy and reliable mover, want to highlight several actions we are undertaking:

  • We carry out disinfection of our trucks regularly
  • Our sick movers stay home
  • We wear masks, gloves, and have enough supplies of sanitizers in trucks and storage units
  • Besides trucks, our equipment is cleaned daily
  • We support public health authorities and their efforts to prevent an epidemic by advising people on how to keep their cars clean and sharing advice to stay healthy

Depending on your future activities and needs, you should organize your time and undertake all possible preventative measures to protect yourself, your loved ones, and the community. Determine your priorities, weigh the pros and cons, and estimate whether your activities require urgent engagement or can be held up.

Whatever you choose, our company and professional crew support you even in difficult times like now, as long as each individual does his part to help keep our communities safe and healthy. What is coronavirus disease and how to prevent it and protect yourself, you can find more information on the website Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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