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International Moving Brooklyn

Are you thinking about moving internationally to the United States of America? Do you believe that New York, New York is the best place for you? In fact, you’ve already chosen the borough you would like to move to – Brooklyn. What a great choice! The most populous borough of New York City has a lot to offer, both to its visitors and its residents. And if you need help getting there, you can count on us!

Our Services

I Love Moving is a team of experienced and professional moving experts. We will provide you with top-notch international relocation services, such as:

  • Corporate and residential relocation
  • International car shipping
  • Storage units
  • Packing services
  • And so much more!

All you have to do is give us a call and request a free moving estimate! Our representatives will be more than happy to answer all your questions regarding the moving process, its price, possible obstacles, and so much more.

International Moving by Air

International Moving by Air

International air freight is one of the most popular transportation methods when shipping valuables overseas due to its reliability and speedy delivery time.

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International Moving by Sea

International Moving by Sea

Often times homeowners feel rushed during an international move, and they don’t feel like they have the time to organize and map out a moving budget beforehand. Planning your move by sea can be done easily.

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Vehicle Overseas Shipipng

Overseas Vehicle Shipping

We can ship your vehicles to any destination in the world using only the best ocean freight options available. Your car will be moved safely and securely every step of the way, and arrive as planned.

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Packing Services

Packing Services

At I Love Moving, we can absolutely help you with packing. We have methods and techniques to ensuring all of your items remain intact.

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Looking for storage space while you get settled? I Love Moving provides 30 days free storage with your move.

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Custom Crating

Custom Crating

If you have goods that need to be protected with the upmost care, there is no better way than a custom built wood crate.

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Brooklyn I Love Moving

Brooklyn I Love Moving Review

5 Stars

I want to express gratitude to the employees of this company. We were pleased also to see neatly packaged and labeled property transferred to the long-term storage, to be moved to our new destination at a later date. The movers did not slow down themselves, did not say any extra words, but simply were doing their job. And they performed the job very professionally and carefully. Now, with your help, we are already in the new office across the ocean!

About Brooklyn, NYBrooklyn International Movers

Brooklyn is home to more than 2.5 million people, which makes it the most populated borough of the city. In fact, if New York City dissolved, Brooklyn would become the third-most populous city in the nation! The borough’s community is quite diverse, welcoming people of different nationalities, religions, and occupations, so you can only imagine how rich its culture must be! Brooklyn’s economy mainly relies on services, retail, construction, finance, high-tech, and tourism. Are you looking for a job in Brooklyn? Then you might want to start your search here.

Weather in Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn mostly experiences humid subtropical weather. Precipitation here is plentiful year-round, with almost 50 inches falling annually. However, there are more than 200 days a year with at least some sunshine. So if you are moving to Brooklyn, make sure you pack clothes for all kinds of weather. Learn more about the climate in the borough.

Living in Brooklyn, NY

Just like the rest of New York City, Brooklyn is a pretty expensive place to live. In fact, it is about 90% more expensive than the national average. From housing and groceries to health and utilities, expect to pay more for pretty much everything. For example, a private preschool or kindergarten for one child will set you back around $1000 each month. Renting a one-bedroom apartment in the center of the city will probably cost around $2,500 a month. Learn more about what it would cost you to live in Brooklyn.

Things to Do in Brooklyn, NY

Now, Brooklyn might not be cheap, but it definitely offers a lot in return. There is something for everyone here. Do you enjoy museums? Then take some time to visit Brooklyn Museum and Brooklyn Historical Society. Are parks and outdoor activities more up your alley? Then you’ll definitely enjoy taking a stroll around the Brooklyn Bridge Park or Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Do you prefer spending time indoors, watching theater performances and concerts? Then head over to the Brooklyn Tabernacle.

Are you ready to start calling Brooklyn home? Then there is just one more thing left to do – call I Love Moving today to schedule your international relocation! We are looking forward to helping you move!

I Love Moving Brooklyn

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  • John H. Avatar
    John H.

    5 star rating Great moving experience overall. They provided me with enough of a heads up to prepare all my boxes and furniture. The movers were courteous and professional. They didn't complain or whine about the amount of items there were to carry. I would use them again for future moves. - 8/20/2017

  • Sang-Su L. Avatar
    Sang-Su L.

    5 star rating These guys are simply the best. I did a move over to Germany and these guys did it all. I had a lot of sensitive belongings and these guys took the time to make sure it was all secure wrapping and boxes. When I received my belongings upon arrival to Germany, I was happy to see they were very secured in boxes. I'm a happy camper, will come back to these guys if I do a move back. - 3/03/2017

  • Tom K. Avatar
    Tom K.

    5 star rating Finally got around to giving these guys credit. They helped move some things up to Toronto for a new business. They handled all the paper work when getting through customs. The payment was process was simple. When it comes to moving I always like things to be as simple as possible. Just paid in the beginning of the move & never got hit with any extra fees later on. Everyone was cool & easy to deal with. I definitely appreciate the hard work the movers made & I may end up using them again in the future. - 11/19/2016

  • Swan L. Avatar
    Swan L.

    5 star rating Perfect way to pack your apartment into boxes and get it ready to be shipped overseas. I Love International Movers company was the right choice for this task. I was helping my friend and we booked 3 guys and we made a great team working together. I was helping making sure everything is organised right as there were lots of small items that needed careful packing service. This was a stress free relocation that I'd love to share with people who are looking for reliable movers. Thumbs up for I love International Moving! :)) - 3/14/2017

  • Filino D. Avatar
    Filino D.

    5 star rating Excellent job, crew came on time, worked hard, no breaks, no damage to the furniture, really suggest to hire this company. Great sense of humor and also got the job done efficiently. Also, B was a great help with setting everything up and even when I changed my moving date. Whenever I move again I definitely will be using  I Love Moving:) - 10/07/2017

  • Aaron C. Avatar
    Aaron C.

    5 star rating My cousin decided to move to paris for a year and reached out to me for help paying for it and finding the right moving company that wouldn't give a crazy rate. I was looking for a quality business and decent rate since I was helping out with part of the payment. Did some research online and saw that I love international had some good feedback form their location in Hells Kitchen. I later saw that they had a location closer to me so we ended up using them. Shipping by air was out of the question.. price was a bit too high but shipping by sea was something we could manage. It was a 1 bedroom apartment and it didn't take the movers much time at all to clean it out and get the boxes loaded up. Everyone was pretty cool over the phone, no complaints about the experience in general. Seems like this business has a lot of experience under their belt. They didn't play that usual game with the price either. Just paid at the start and wasn't hit with any other rates later on. Good stuff! - 8/30/2016

  • Samara C. Avatar
    Samara C.

    5 star rating Considering the circumstances underlying our move in deadline as well as plane tickets, we knew we had to get started on this move early in order to have time to organize our stuff in the new house. It was going to be a rigorous move and we were all prepared for it, moving our furniture overseas to my grandparents house in Eastern Europe. We had contacted a few international moving companies but all of them seemed to overcharge and provide faulty promises in terms of timing and schedules. After speaking to the representatives from this company however we knew we were in good hands, these guys answered all of our questions and concerns without any difficulties.They provided us with a very fair rate for the entire service and provided a thorough move of all of our furniture. Would totally recommend their services. - 11/19/2017

  • Paulina M. Avatar
    Paulina M.

    5 star rating This move was actually not for ourselves but for my grandparents who wanted to move their furniture back to Europe. We were trying to find the best possible company that would be able to help us out for a long distance transport. Most of the moving firms around their local area did not accommodate to international moves so we were very fortunate to have found these guys. We spoke to some representatives over the phone and they were more than willing to explain their moving procedures to us. It seem like these guys definitely knew what they were doing so we were sure to let them manage our move. Will totally use them again in the near future if necessary, totally recommend them. - 12/11/2017

Serving the Brooklyn Area

Choose us because our international moving company can get you anywhere across the globe in a timely and professional manner. We offer plenty of shipping services, competitive prices and absolute professionalism. As a company that’s been in business for years, we are constantly updated on the latest moving equipment and procedures. Each staff member has undergone an extensive background check and screening. I Love Moving is completely licensed, bonded, and insured making us extremely safe to work with.