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International Moving Rochester

I Love Moving is an international moving company offering shipping services from air and freight shipping to custom crates and free boxes. Traveling is an exciting time in one’s life, allowing you the opportunity to explore a new country and culture as well as grow as a person. The packing and planning aspect can cause a bit of anxiety but with the assistance of our professional international moving company, transitioning overseas has never been so simple. Rely on the trusted and reputable overseas moving team at I Love Moving. Call on us for a free in-home estimate.

Our Services

Our international moving company provides free in-home estimates, enabling you to afford an international move. We’ll sit down with you and discuss your moving needs and your budget. From here, we can go over the various services we offer including air and ocean freight shipping. All of our services come at a competitive price with no hidden fees.

International Moving by Air

International Moving by Air

International air freight is one of the most popular transportation methods when shipping valuables overseas due to its reliability and speedy delivery time.

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International Moving by Sea

International Moving by Sea

Often times homeowners feel rushed during an international move, and they don’t feel like they have the time to organize and map out a moving budget beforehand. Planning your move by sea can be done easily.

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Vehicle Overseas Shipipng

Overseas Vehicle Shipping

We can ship your vehicles to any destination in the world using only the best ocean freight options available. Your car will be moved safely and securely every step of the way, and arrive as planned.

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Packing Services

Packing Services

At I Love Moving, we can absolutely help you with packing. We have methods and techniques to ensuring all of your items remain intact.

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Looking for storage space while you get settled? I Love Moving provides 30 days free storage with your move.

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Custom Crating

Custom Crating

If you have goods that need to be protected with the upmost care, there is no better way than a custom built wood crate.

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Rochester I Love Moving

Rochester I Love Moving Review

5 Stars

I want to express gratitude to the employees of this company. We were pleased also to see neatly packaged and labeled property transferred to the long-term storage, to be moved to our new destination at a later date. The movers did not slow down themselves, did not say any extra words, but simply were doing their job. And they performed the job very professionally and carefully. Now, with your help, we are already in the new office across the ocean!

I Love Moving Rochester

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  • David A. Avatar
    David A.

    5 star rating Prompt and friendly guys doing the moving, experience went very smooth. They packed the items very well and nothing was damaged. would recommend! - 4/04/2017

  • Bobby G. Avatar
    Bobby G.

    5 star rating This business was was extremely convenient because I couldn't be there for my uncle when he wanted to move back to the U.K. to retire. I was able to work with Jared and his team here so that he would be well taken care of and not have to worry about all the details of the move. The final destination was Cardiff. When I explained LCL shipping to my uncle (who doesn't like dealing with people on the phone) he didn't want that he wanted his own shipping container so the final decision was Full container load shipping. I wasn't there to witness the movers in action but after speaking with my uncle he said they were very nice to him and took care of everything. He was worried that he would be left to unpack everything himself when they arrived but I spoke with the operation manager, Jared and he confirmed that the movers would unpack majority of everything away and disposed of the boxes. Especially the heavier things. This was 5 week process but other than get a full break down of payments and explain it all to my uncle, neither him nor I had to do too much and that is just how we wanted it. They were not cheapest company when I called around but they their customer service was highly regarded. Strong enough to trust them with my relative. I'm looking forward to a summer trip over to the U.K. Without the know how of I love international this would of been a way more difficult move. The knowledge and abilities the staff has makes over seas shipping fairly easy - 4/04/2017

  • Nicholas D. Avatar
    Nicholas D.

    5 star rating Never been a fan of moving but these guys definitely made it more interesting. They were meticulous with every moving attempt and maintained a positive attitude for the entire duration of my move. They answered the few questions I had and provided exceptional support. They helped organize the furniture in my new apartment. This move felt like "just another day on the block" for these guys. Well done. - 8/20/2017

  • EC A. Avatar
    EC A.

    5 star rating It may sound cheesy but I really do LOVE I Love International Movers. I had to move very suddenly from NY to London for work and was panicked about the logistics and horror stories I've heard from my colleagues about their international moves. A friend recommended these movers and they were a god send. They were able to schedule a visit to my house to give me a quote on the day I first contacted them and were professional and helpful from beginning to end. They quoted me a very fair price, showed up on time, kept me informed about the status of my belongings and delivered them on the date they promised. Nothing was broken or damaged. They took great care with me and my things and it is the first time in my life that moving was not a stressful affair! Book these guys! Your life will better! - 9/19/2015

  • Anu V. Avatar
    Anu V.

    5 star rating If we had the choice to rewind time and perform this move in a different way, I would still hire this moving company without a single doubt. We had great difficulty finding a company that was willing to transport furniture to an international destination as most of the movers around us only worked a local area. Fortunately for us one of my dad's friends was able to get us into contact with these guys, they had moved his children to Canada a few years ago and they had a great experience with them. After he gave us their phone number we decided to give them a call and see how they performed their moves, the gentleman we spoke to over the phone was very friendly and provided us a detailed explanation. A step by step process was provided for us regarding different types of moves and all of the available equipment we could choose from to use on the job. These guys definitely knew what they were doing and were able to ship two truck loads of furniture overstates in less than two weeks. Would definitely consider hiring these guys again if we need another long distance transport. - 12/17/2017

  • Leyla T. Avatar
    Leyla T.

    5 star rating The entire experience was surprisingly easy. The movers, were courteous, knowledgeable about the move, and very professional from pick-up in Manhattan to delivery to Canada several days later. I was especially impressed with the excellent manner in which my furniture was wrapped for the move. I have had movers before, but I Love Moving company method was far superior to the others. In addition, knowing that the quoted rate is the rate one pays (and not some inflated rate at the end) was the best part. I would definitely use I Love International Moving again - 1/10/2014

  • Andoni G. Avatar
    Andoni G.

    5 star rating Used these guys after graduating college, and they were absolutely stellar. Not too many moving companies out there are fully transparent like this one. Absolutely no hidden fees. The rates they gave me in the beginning are the same as the rates I received upon moving completion. Zero hassles and a friendly team; I would definitely recommend them to any of my friends. - 4/26/2016

  • Alysa S. Avatar
    Alysa S.

    5 star rating I've had some up and down moving experiences in the past but no international ones so I was apprehensive when a friend of mine needed help moving internationally. Did the usual call around and get quotes and an overall feel for the company by looking at the website and see how they handle themselves on the phone. When I called this company everyone was nice on the phone. Check. Rates were competitive. Check. They offered full service which requires little effort for the person moving. Check. Finally they offer two different styles of international options with varying time frames and pricing. Having the extra options sealed the deal for me. Everything worked out without flaw. - 5/12/2016

  • Karell B. Avatar
    Karell B.

    5 star rating I've done some big moves before so I know how stressful it can be. When my cousin contacted me to help her with her big move to London I understood why she reached out. Moving far away & starting a new life is a different sort of anxiety and stress. It's always good to have someone around for support. I decided to visit & help tackle this with her. Lots of options in NY. I called around to dozens of places. Many had decent rates but weren't able to answer questions & some only had 1 style of shipping over seas so flexibility on price wasn't an option. When I called I love international movers they were able to answer all of my questions without hesitation & they had a variety of rates for air & sea shipping. They had 2 options & prices for shipping by sea FCL & LCL. One is cheaper & one faster. We agreed on FCL because the price was still good & my cousin wouldn't have to wait as long for her stuff to arrive. One thing that seems to be a trend in moving is being promised one rate & getting another towards the end of the move. Didn't have to deal with that here. Paid prior to the move even beginning & didn't have to pay again. I'm happy I was able to be there for my cousin & I'm glad we both found a good company to get the job done. She's all settled now & she told me the movers even helped her do some unpacking! - 10/13/2016

  • Melody Y. Avatar
    Melody Y.

    5 star rating I moved from Toronto to Manhattan with I love international movers one year ago. The guys were efficient and proffesional. I live on the 5th floor and the movers were extremely helpful and had the move finished very quickly. In addition our account rep was amazing at providing us with information and coordinating the whole international move. I would recomend them to anyone who is new to the city or looking for a trust worthy international moving company 🙂 - 8/06/2016

  • Amay S. Avatar
    Amay S.

    5 star rating I've had a lot of issues with movers in the past but they were prompt, professional and did a great job overall. Very happy with the service and would recommend! - 6/04/2016

  • Lucas N. Avatar
    Lucas N.

    5 star rating I couldn't have asked for a better moving experience. I was pretty stressed about the whole move and was recommended here through a friend. Moving down from Canada was A LOT easier thanks to the folks here who made the process painless and stress-free. I couldn't be more thankful for the great service they provided for me. - 8/30/2017

  • Christine J. Avatar
    Christine J.

    5 star rating My fiancé lives London, as I was searching for a reliable company to have my belongings ship to his home. I came across I love international moving, when I called I asked for an estimate. I called other places, but this definitely was the top one with great deals. I received great customer service over the phone, they were very patient and  answered all my questions. Just received everything this week in great condition. Really happy with the outcome! - 5/13/2016

  • Katherine N. Avatar
    Katherine N.

    5 star rating One of my friends recommended this company. They had really good service and an unbelievably friendly crew. When I decided to go to Madrid and have a vacation, I knew I would have to find a way to move everything at a decent cost. Not only was this affordable, but all my stuff made it there when they said it would. Everyone asked about items before moving which was good for me to let them know what needed to be handled more carefully. Whenever I come back, I Love International Movers will be my go to for help. - 9/30/2016

  • Michael M. Avatar
    Michael M.

    5 star rating I have been going back and forth from Canada due to work. I have used I Love International moving 3 times now, they have facilitated this process for me quite well. And they provide me the status information of my items' location. I've used other international services but have always received poor customer service or extra fees charged. Every time I have used them the cost rate has been the equal to the estimate they give me. Couldn't be any happier, will be coming back to them once again. - 4/27/2016

  • Dawn T. Avatar
    Dawn T.

    5 star rating I Love International Moving has moved me three times over the last seven years and every time they have been superb, reasonable and cooperative. Their quality has never decreased in between this time. They took highest care for all types of items, no matter those were fragile or not. They moved my furniture and were ready to go the extra distance to collect some items as I requested them. Their positive attitude was quite appreciated. I recommend them for any kind of hassle free move. - 9/11/2016

  • Simone S. Avatar
    Simone S.

    5 star rating We Used I love international shipping with my Family to help us move into a bigger spot. We moved to London for a job and were researching for something that was affordable and pretty quick. Sooner the better was our main concern. I love int. Actually got back to us first and they were more than happy to help us with everything so we went with it. They package everything that we needed them too and our sound system that we recently bought they made sure to put with extra packing--- thanks for that! They took very good care of everything and it all arrived in perfect condition. We didn't encounter a single issue during the entire move and they laid out all our options which was nice. They went above and beyond and deserve this awesome shoutout. - 4/20/2017

  • Deb Y. Avatar
    Deb Y.

    5 star rating An outstanding service performed by extremely disciplined exemplary movers  from this company which was recommended by my coworker who's had an incredible experience with them a couple of months ago. I was afraid my expectations were too high after she told me how awesome it all went but I was hoping however it would all be alright AND IT WAS! Extremely happy everything's safe as it felt a little creepy before to let my things go overseas without me supervising them. - 3/16/2016

Serving the Rochester Area

Choose us because our international moving company can get you anywhere across the globe in a timely and professional manner. We offer plenty of shipping services, competitive prices and absolute professionalism. As a company that’s been in business for years, we are constantly updated on the latest moving equipment and procedures. Each staff member has undergone an extensive background check and screening. I Love Moving is completely licensed, bonded, and insured making us extremely safe to work with.