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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Montreal Neighborhoods

Posted Country Guides / November 27, 2020

Have you decided to relocate internationally this year and chose Ville de Montréal (or VDM)? You have come to the right place because we have prepared the ultimate guide to the best Montreal neighborhoods you can choose from. This city is widely present when it comes to culture, character, and community, offering a little something for everyone.

Before you start putting together your moving abroad checklist, let’s get over some quick facts about VDM. This is the largest city in Quebec province in Canada. That being said, you should know that the primary spoken language is French. Even though about 60% of the population can speak both French and English, it is highly recommended to pick up some tips for learning a new language or to start learning a language abroad as soon as you settle. Since you’re moving to Canada, you should also know that the official currency here is the Canadian Dollar (CAD). Even though this city is smaller than Toronto, there are many things to do in Montreal. No matter which neighborhoods in Montreal you choose to settle, you’ll always find something exciting to explore. You’ll be moving to one of the friendliest countries in the world, and we just know you’ll love living in Montreal.

Where Do the Rich Live in Montreal?

Moving to Montreal means you’ll have plenty of unique neighborhoods to choose from, and they can accommodate all personalities and budgets. Those looking for a luxurious living won’t worry about the cost of living in Montreal. If you’re among them, be sure to check the following list of affluent Montreal’s neighborhoods.

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Westmount Is the Home of the Wealthiest Montrealers

When you think of affluent Montreal neighborhoods, Westmount is the first to come to one’s mind. It’s actually the second wealthiest neighborhood in all of Canada. If you’re moving internationally and want to live a lavish lifestyle, consider Westmount. Located on the south slope of Mount Royal Hill, the property becomes more expensive as the region extends upwards. The median real estate listing price is around $700,000, but the prices can go much higher than that. You’ll find upscale cafes and high-end shops on Greene Avenue. If you’re moving to another country for love, you can spend a memorable evening with your partner in O.Noir, Duc De Lorraine, or RYU.

Laval-Sur-Le-Lac Is One of the Wealthiest Neighborhoods in Montreal

Laval-sur-le-Lac is situated in Laval, one of Montreal’s better-known suburbs. It’s also known as one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in this suburb. Located at the west end of Laval, it borders the magnificent Riviere des Prairies. Its community is quiet and enclosed, which helps to maintain the area’s upscale persona. Real estate prices are rising, especially if you’re looking among the waterfront properties. According to the real estate website NextHome, the median rent prices can range between $5000-$9000 per month. The good thing is that many apartments for rent are pet friendly, which is especially important to those moving with pets. If you decide to relocate to this neighborhood, know that the locals’ favorite amenity is Club Laval-sur-le-Lac, the oldest French-speaking golf club in North America.

Garden Lovers Should Consider Moving to Hampstead

One of the most affluent Canadian neighborhoods, Hampstead is among the most desired areas to live in VDM. The history of Hampstead started in 1914 when it was designed as a garden city. That was all part of the urban planning trend, which meant surrounding yourself with a lot of greenery. Therefore, you’ll find plenty of pricey properties that were built to have vast shrubbery and gardens. If you like spending time outdoors and enjoy recreational activities, consider moving to Hampstead. Its parks feature tennis courts, basketball courts, beach volleyball, public pools, and playgrounds.

Plateau Mont-Royal and Other Best Montreal Neighborhoods for Young Families

If you’re thinking about moving across the world with your little ones, you probably want to find a family-friendly neighborhood. Luckily, there’s a significant number of such areas in VDM. From amazing parks, highly-rated schools to other children-friendly amenities, Montreal neighborhoods can offer young or soon-to-be parents everything. Take a look at some of Montreal’s best places to live abroad with family.

Plateau Mont-Royal Is Among the Best Neighborhoods in Montreal to Live With Little Ones

As the name suggests, Plateau Mont-Royal is situated on Montreal’s iconic namesake mountain – Mont-Royal. Apart from being extremely family-friendly, this neighborhood is also home to a large number of artists. The place boasts charming architecture. If you decide to move to this neighborhood, you’ll indeed find a lovely home with colored windows and a sweeping staircase. The most popular family activities include picnics at Parc Mont-Royal, various cultural festivities in the summer, and swimming at public pools in many of the Plateau parks. If you’re moving with dogs, you can visit Parc Lafontaine often because it offers many off-leash areas for your furry friend. One of the greatest things about living here is the proximity to Downtown. You can easily access the area by Metro, bus, bike, or on foot.

Linguistically and Ethnically Diverse Mile End

The area of Mile End used to be part of Plateau’s northwestern corner but is now a separate neighborhood. If you decide to settle here, you’ll get used to hearing French, English, Portuguese, Italian, and other languages around. Mile End is very eclectic and multicultural. If you want your kids to grow up in such a great place, this neighborhood is just the right thing for you. The tight-knit community is also very artistic. For example, musicians such as Grimes, Arcade Fire, and Animals all enjoyed their formative period here. You’ll also find the most delicious food on the continent in Mile End, especially bagels. We highly recommend Fairmount Bagel.

Little Burgundy Is Among Montreal’s up-and-Coming Neighborhoods

The former working-class neighborhood, Little Burgundy has become a popular destination for hip young parents in recent years. As a center of industrial production in the early 20th century, this neighborhood was also Montreal’s hot spot for a jazz scene. There were some hard times for Little Burgundy during the 1970s and 1980s, but today, this area is known as home to many successful restaurants. If you like spending time outdoors, you can walk or bike down the Lachine Canal with your kids.

The Best Neighborhoods in Montreal for Young Professionals and Singles: Saint-Henri and More

VDM is very known for its plethora of excellent bars, restaurants, and festivals. If you’re a young adult who’s moving abroad alone, know that this city has pretty much everything you can think of. We assure you that breaking the language barrier will be the easiest when meeting new people. And it will be hard to stay at home if you decide to make your new address in some of the following neighborhoods.

Plenty of Things to Do and See in Saint-Henri

Former working-class area, Saint Henry has gentrified over the years and is now attracting more young professionals seeking a vibrant and more affordable neighborhood. Some of Montreal’s hippest restaurants, cafes, and bars are located here. You’ll see unusually designed squares and beautiful residential streets that abound in many Art Deco buildings. One such is the Atwater Market, which was opened in 1933. This is a pretty large farmers market that boasts many stalls and delicious food options. VDM is also among the best vegan cities, and here you can find many vegan-friendly restaurants, including Cafe Zinzin, Hello 123, and Cremerie Dalla Rose.

Catch European Charm in Old Montreal

As the name suggests, this is the oldest neighborhood in the city. The environment evokes old European town charm with its cobbled streets, centennial buildings, and overall old-world feel. Some of its 17th-century buildings are the reason why this neighborhood is a significant tourist attraction. Its riverbank was converted into a port offering plenty of maritime facilities. It’s worth waiting in line for lunch at Olive & Gourmando, while the best coffee can be grabbed at Crew, a cafe located in a magnificent building along Saint Jacques Street. Rents can be higher because of the exquisite architecture and neighborhoods’ history. That’s why the area is more suited for young professionals and singles rather than families.

Montreal’s Downtown Is a Place to Be for Young Professionals

If you want to settle in a hustle-and-bustle area, consider Montreal’s Downtown. This is the city’s busiest district with a large concentration of skyscrapers, rushing pedestrians, and speeding motorists. Maybe your case is employee relocation, and your company has already found you a home in Downtown. If so, be sure to prepare a list of relocation questions to ask the employer. If not, you’ll surely find work quickly in the city’s business core. When you’re on a break, you can enjoy great shops or choose to have lunch in some of the fantastic restaurants in Saint-Denis Street. If you’re an art lover, consider visiting exhibitions in the Museum of Contemporary Arts or the Museum of Fine Arts.

Love and Pride in Gay Village

Home to the LGBTQ community and an annual Montreal’s Pride Parade, Gay Village is known for its nightlife scene. If you move to this neighborhood, you’ll also find numerous significant open-air festivals down Sainte-Catherine Street throughout the whole year. Here you’ll also find desirable drag shows at legendary Cabaret Mado. Village’s government actively promotes its gay culture. For instance, the council established a rainbow flag and rearranged the station’s entrance with some rainbow pillars. If you would like to move to this neighborhood, be sure to get some tips on how to move house plants long-distance and start your relocation process today.

What Are the Bad Areas of Montreal?

Are you wondering whether is it safe to walk in Montreal at night? We have to admit that, for the most part, VDM is a remarkably safe place. It’s probably the safest urban area in all of North America. Yet, Quebec’s largest city is unfortunately not immune to criminal activity. A few of its neighborhoods have a bad reputation regarding this problem. Two of them were even included in our list: Downtown and Mile End. Most of the crimes involve commercial burglaries, while violent crimes are relatively low. Here’s a short list of Montreal’s most dangerous neighborhoods:

  • Downtown
  • Dorval
  • Hochelaga
  • Mile End
  • Lachine.

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And that’s a wrap on the best Montreal neighborhoods. We hope that our ultimate guide helped you easily decide which one suits your needs and preferences. As soon as you choose about your moving out date, you should start looking for tips and tricks on what to pack when moving abroad and begin preparing documents needed to travel abroad.

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Now that you know how to move to another country, be sure to look up some tips and tricks on how to live in another country. Don’t forget that adjusting to a new country can be a bit challenging at first. For instance, you could learn how to keep in touch with friends until you make new friendships. But don’t forget that VDM is extremely friendly and you won’t have to worry much about meeting people. Know that you just can’t go wrong with Montreal neighborhoods, whichever you choose.

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