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    Moving to Brussels, Belgium with I Love MovingMoving from Commerce to Brussels, Belgium with I Love Moving

    Are you planning on leaving the city of Commerce and relocating somewhere with a more European vibe? The US lifestyle just does not appeal to you anymore, but the thought of relocating internationally makes you really nervous. What better place to relocate to with a European vibe than the European capital itself, Brussels. Even though the process is not at all simple, we at I Love Moving want to make the best of your relocation and take the stress level to a minimum.

    It is our job to offer you the best of services as a reliable partner in the international relocation process. Our team of professionals will be responsible for your items. We have been working with so many satisfied customers in the past, if you don’t believe us, just take a look at all the positive feedback we have online or talk to a friend that has relocated with us in the past. Our portfolio consists of a great number of packing and moving processes for international relocations, and our job is to get you anywhere in the world in a professional and timely manner without any stress and anxiety.

    I Love Moving offers plenty of services, competitive prices and we handle your tasks with the absolute professionalism. Our team consists of fantastic members that are people whom we trust to do the best possible job. If you move with us know that we offer up to 30 days of free storage because we are aware that packing is not everyone’s cup of tea. All of our storage facilities are monitored all the time and they are fire-proof and moisture proof so you will have nothing to stress about.

    Down below are some facts on Brussels that we have prepared for you to help you get settled after your relocation!

    Moving to Brussels, Belgium with I Love MovingAbout Brussels

    Belgium’s capital and the capital of the EU lies in the center of the country with a small stream called Senne that separates the city in two. This city is quite historic, but modern as well with diversity in its roots. The 1960’s styled facades give you that old, but new vibe as you walk through the center and the architecture in EU’s Gotham City have the most amazing glass décor. The Grand Palace with its medieval cores is definitely one of the most stunning places you will ever set your eyes on. Brussels is most known for its fine beer, Belgian lace and tasty chocolate; which makes it a popular convention and tourist destination. Like Switzerland, Belgium is home of four different languages. Since Brussels hosts the EU Commission and the NATO headquarters it is known as the capital of Europe regarding the international meetings it holds every year. The nightlife in this city is absolutely amazing as well. The locals have a really deadpan look on life making it a really relaxing place to live in where you won’t have too much on your mind.

    Moving to Brussels, Belgium with I Love MovingEconomy

    Brussels has developed around 2000 foreign companies with almost 75% of them US companies. The capital holds the second-largest congressional center in the whole world where a wide variety of conferences for business are held every year. There are around 60 foreign banks in Brussels that makes the city the 7th largest financial market in the whole world. Apart from the international links, the economy is generally small with mostly private enterprises that usually just serve the European community. The unemployment rate does not differ from other parts of Europe and the administration has created extensive work programs. Being the capital of Europe, the city has special treatment from members of the European bureaucrats in the allocation of funding because almost of the official live in or around the city.


    The city has an ocean climate with the coastal areas of the country influencing the area’s climate by sending marine air masses. There is about 200 days of rain per year in the capital which after Dublin makes Brussels the rainiest city in Europe. Snow falls about 24 days per year and often you might witness a violent thunderstorm in the city.

    Hopefully these facts will be of help after your relocation! Call us right away to schedule your move on time!