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Lake in Canada, New York international moversPeople usually decide to move because they want to make a significant change in their life. What is the reason why you have decided to move from New York? Is it because of some business opportunity? Or because you want to explore Canada? An international move is a process that can last, so be sure to start with the preparations as soon as possible. Have you found your future home yet? If you have, then don’t waste your time organizing your international relocation procedure – you have us to do that for you. If you haven’t, then take your time and find the home for you and your family. Now, when you are aware of how time-consuming the moving process is, are you thinking of seeking help? It would be nice to have someone finish everything instead of you. That way, you will avoid stress and focus on important things like searching for your future home, checking out the available jobs, and spending more time with your family. I Love International Moving offers you excellent moving services. If you decide to hire us, read on to learn more about your options.

Packing service

Our New York international movers will pack all your things from your house or from your office. They will even provide you with quality moving supplies. Don’t look for used moving boxes because they are not always strong enough and that can cause damage to your belongings. Apart from that, you will need a great number of them. Our New York international movers have lots of moving material that will be used in packing and securing your things.


Depending on your needs, you will choose one of two shipping options. People who have a limited budget or who want to save as much money as they can, usually opt for the more affordable service – international shipping by sea. Apart from being affordable, it is the only solution if you have a big load to ship. Its more expensive counterpart is international shipping by air. If you want a faster service, choose that one. Our New York international movers will be there to cover all your needs. Other moving services that may interest you are overseas vehicle shipping, custom crating, storage units, corporate relocation services. While you are thinking about what moving option to choose, read about your future place of living.

Canada, New York international moversCanada

You have chosen Canada to be your home, and you have some good reason for it. The country is famous for its beautiful landscape and nature, which is described by many writers. It is huge and that’s why there is a great variety in climates. A lot of factors influence the climate, like ocean currents, westerly winds, the Great Lakes. Places that are the farthest from the open water areas are the coldest in the winter. And in the summer, those parts are the warmest. Don’t worry about the adjusting process, because people who live there are friendly and open-minded. There is a great variety in culture, so you will have a chance to learn and see new things. Some of the most popular cities are:
  • Vancouver
  • Toronto
  • Quebec City
  • Montreal
  • Victoria
  • Ottawa
Are you ready to set the moving date? If so, call our New York international movers and visit this site to get some useful information.