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Philippines, New York international moversAlthough you have been planning to relocate for a while now, you can’t seem to get started with the organization of the relocation process. Leaving New York isn’t easy, too. You have spent most of your life here. Your future destination is everything but ordinary. However, you have been dreaming of living in the Philippines and now is your chance to make that possible. If you are overwhelmed by this international move and if you have a lot of things on your mind right now, you should find a moving company that will help you stay organized. Choosing the right moving company can be quite a challenge because there are numerous companies in the market nowadays. If you want reliable and experienced movers, then hire I Love International Moving. We are one of the best moving companies and we have done many successful relocations so far. Our New York international movers can relocate you and your family to the Philippines whenever you want. By offering you affordable and convenient moving services, we will help you avoid doing stressful tasks all by yourself.

Packing service

Let’s start from the beginning. First, you need to pack all your items and prepare them for the international shipping. If you don’t have time for that, opt for our packing service. Our New York international movers also have moving kits, moving boxes, and all the supplies you need.


After they finish the packing process, our New York international movers will safely ship your belongings to your future home. Shipping can be done in two ways and it is up to you to choose the service that suits you better. International shipping by air is a fast way to have your things shipped. However, if you have a big load, then choose internal shipping by sea, which is slower, but also more affordable type of shipping. However, both of these services are completely safe. Philippines, New York international movers

Overseas vehicle shipping

If you own a car and you want it shipped, then choose our overseas vehicle shipping service. New York international movers will safely ship any type of vehicle. All you have to do is choose whether you want roll on-roll off service or full container load. Read about the Philippines, and do a little research on your own before you relocate there.

The Philippines

Your future home will be in an island country, the Philippines. It is situated in the western Pacific Ocean. It consists around 7,100 islands and islets. Filipinos have different cultural backgrounds and contemporary society has around 100 distinct ethnic groups. Although the languages that are spoken there are similar to one another, studies show that there are approximately 150 languages. The national language is Filipino, but don’t worry about the language barrier because many people use English, too. Once you settle in and start exploring, we recommend you visit:
  • Milea Bee Farm
  • Batad Rice Terraces
  • Motag Living Museum
  • Mayon Volcano
  • Tubbataha Reef
  • Malcapuya Island
  • Coron Bay
If you have some questions about your relocation call our New York international movers.