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Milan, SpainMoving from Pasadena to Milan, Italy with I Love Moving

Have you decided to leave the sunny state of California and relocate to a more cultural European city? Milan has a lot of great things to offer you, but the thought of having to move internationally makes you think twice about whether or not this would be a good idea. I Love Moving is well aware that the process of relocating is not an easy job especially if it means transporting all your belongings internationally, but with our help it will all go well and stress-free. We have an amazing staff that will be responsible for your belongings and relocate them in the best possible way. If you are skeptical, then check the internet community for the previous feedback from many satisfied customers we have had in the past and rest assured that you will have your relocation in the best hands possible. Apart from the fair and competitive prices, we offer you a wide variety of moving services from air freight to sea freight. Picking out the type of moving service you want depends on your planned budget. Transportation by air is a lot quicker, but it costs more money, when transportation by sea takes time, but is a lot cheaper. I Love Moving can offer you up to 30 days of free storage since we are aware of the fact that packing can be a difficult process. Don’t worry about the safety of your stored items. Our storage facilities are all fire-proof and moisture proof. They are also monitored 24/7. Another perk is the fact that you can get free boxes delivery for any shipment and we offer custom crating. Our main purpose is to satisfy our customers, and we are here to offer you free moving estimates. Give us a call and we will be delighted to help you with all of the questions and concerns you might have. Down below are a couple of facts on Milan that can be useful to you if you decide to relocate to this amazing city. Stay tuned!

Milan, SpainAbout Milan

This amazing Italian city happens to be the capital of Lombardy. It holds a great population of around 1.5 million citizens. The city is also one of Italy’s greatest industrial cities that has a wide variety of industrial sectors. Many different people come here to make their dreams come true from photographers, artists, designers and models. Milan is one of the oldest cities in Europe which is why you have a wide variety of places to see from palazzos to many different interesting buildings making it a go to place to visit and move to.


The climate in Italy is mostly Mediterranean: Alpine in the north and really hot and dry in the south parts of the country. This makes the winters in Milan quite mild but also foggy. Summers tend to be very humid, and sometimes you might even catch a brief thunderstorm.


This city has always played an important role in Italy’s cultural richness. Over the years it has been a place where artists from all over the world would visit and assort different churches, buildings and monuments. The Renaissance played a big part in the upgrade of Milan’s art and culture. The period of neoclassicism was also a huge contribution. Apart from its many amazing sights, one of Milano’s most important buildings is the Cathedral that happens to be the third largest church in the whole world.


This amazing city is the center of lots of different financial businesses which is why it just might be the best in the industrial area. Milano’s Exhibition Center and Trade Fair complex is one of the most important in not only Italy, but the whole world. Ever since it has been constructed, in the north-western suburb of Pero and Rho, Fiera Milano is known as the world’s largest trade fair complex in the whole world. Since Milan is Italy’s biggest industrial city, therefore it has many different sectors of manufacturing like textiles and garments, car manufactory, chemistry, mechanical tools and heavy machinery. Of course fashion and tourism are very important industry sectors that this city has to offer. Hopefully these facts will help you in the near future! Give us a call when you are ready to relocate!