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    Moving to Porto, Portugal with I Love Moving

    Moving from Long Island to Porto, Portugal with I Love Moving

    Are you sick of that fast paced lifestyle all year round? Just across the Atlantic Ocean from Long Island, lies Porto a beautiful, scenic city that you have always dreamed of relocating to. You have never gotten the courage to do this before die to all the stress it takes to relocate somewhere especially international. Nobody said moving was going to be easy, but with the help of I Love Moving, all your treasured belongings will be relocated easily without any problems.

    I Love Moving‘s goal is to satisfy all of our customers and to help you relocate safely and easily to Europe. Our job is to transport you items by using both sea and air transportation. The way we relocate you depends only on your choice and on your budget. Transportation by sea takes more time, but costs less. Air transportation is extremely faster, but more expensive. The shipping charged by the cubic space is ocean freight shipping. Shipping air freight depends on how far the location is, the size, weight and consistency of your package. I Love Moving offers many things like free moving estimates, packing, custom crating and of course transportation. We offer you free storage services for up to 30 days due to the fact that moving can sometimes be quite difficult and stressing. Feel free to look at internet reviews or contact someone you know that has used our service before because we are more than proud of all the positive feedback we receive from all our clients.

    The whole procedure or relocating  starts when our team of experts packs all your belongings to be sure that every item is nicely packed and wrapped so that any damage can be avoided during the process of transportation. All the items we use for packing are extremely durable and great for holding delicate items. Give us a call for any additional information about our fair prices. We have representative agents that are always at your service and can assist you if you have any concerns or if you are willing to book your relocation.

    Down below we have enlisted some facts and important information about Porto, which will come useful to you after you have relocated. Stay tuned!

    Porto, PortugalAbout Porto

    The beautiful city of Porto is Portugal’s second largest after Lisbon and one of the main urban areas of the Iberian Peninsula. This city happens to be the only one in Portugal, apart from Lisbon that has been recognized as a global city with its urban population of around 2.5 million. Porto’s exact location is along the Douro river inlet in Northern Portugal. This city is also one of the oldest in Europe and you can find many historical cores while exploring it; the settlements date back to the time of the Roman Empire. To the west side of the urban area lies a scenic coastline perfect for walks by the beach or for recreational purposes. Porto was elected this year as one of the Best European Destinations to visit and relocate to.

    The city is most famous for its wine. This wine is internationally transported due to its beautiful taste. Porto was actually named after its wine and some of its famous cellars such as Vila Nova de Gaia transport, package and export wine all around the world.


    Porto has a warm-summer Mediterranean climate. This city also has many similarities with the coastal south such as warm, dry summers and mild, rainy winters. Cool and rainy days can appear from time to time and interrupt the dry season. During the summer it rains occasionally and this particularly lasts a couple of days with more cool temperatures of around 68 °F in the afternoon. During the winter, Porto has high precipitation rates making it one of the wettest cities in Europe.


    Porto has many diverse economic sectors in its city that are heavily industrialized. On the economic side the city is most known for its tourism and wine.