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    Moving from Aurora, the US to London, UK with I Love Moving

    London, Buckingham PalaceDo you want to leave Aurora, United States and move somewhere to the Western Europe? It is a huge decision you need to make, but London, the UK seems like the perfect city to continue your life. We know that you are excited about the move, but it is a time-consuming process which needs careful planning. You cannot do this by yourself, and you need to hire a reliable international moving company to help you with the relocation. And what better choice than I Love Moving?

    We have 15 years of experience in international cargo shipping, and we put our clients first. Even though it can be complicated, our experts always strive to make every move simple and stress-free, and you should know that we consistently guide our clients throughout the move. When it comes to the moving services, we offer international moving by sea, international moving by air, overseas vehicle shipping, boxes and other moving supplies, storage services, etc. Do you hate packing? Don’t worry, because I Love Moving crew will help you with packing. The methods and techniques we use will make sure that your possessions remain undamaged. In case your belongings cannot fit the standard boxes, we will use custom creates made for your needs. Do you have any questions? Feel free to call us any time of the day because we are here to serve you. You can always schedule a free survey. I Love Moving performs the survey by Skype or Facetime, and we can have a rep stop by as well. This is the best way to get the accurate measurement of your job, and you can plan your international relocation accordingly. Once you get the price, there are no hidden costs and nasty surprises afterward.

    About London, UK

    England LondonLondon is one of the biggest and most beautiful cities in Europe, sitting on the River Thames. It is a city with great history, dating back when the Romans held the major parts of Europe. London went through various changes, and the biggest of them was the Great Fire which burnt most of the city downtown in 1666. Today, London is the leader in different fields such as arts, education, fashion, research and development, tourism, etc. Of course, it is an attractive destination for tourists all across the world who come to London to see the Buckingham Palace, the Palace of Westminster, Big Ben, the Tower of London and other sights.

    Neighborhoods of London, the UK

    Choosing the appropriate community is crucial, and it will determine the course of your life later on. Today, London has 48 different neighborhoods, and each of them has unique qualities and diverse attractions. No matter whether you are looking for a peaceful area which is further away from the city center, or you want to be closer to the action, London provides everything. We have listed just several neighborhoods below, but you can see them all here.

    • Balham – It is located in the southwest London and its famous for its Victorian townhomes and casual taverns. The atmosphere here is friendly, and the connection to the downtown is easy. You can find a lot of bookstores, boutiques and big-name chains here aside Balham’s commercial core.
    • Chelsea – It is the neighborhood that became famous thanks to the Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Also, it is a home to one of the greatest teams in Premier League – Chelsea FC.
    • Hammersmith – Even though most of the Hammersmith village was destroyed in 1930, the local pubs, located by the river are always active. Also, the area is a perfect mixture of modern and retro.
    • The West End – It is one of the most popular communities in London which has numerous landmarks but also beautiful side streets and alleys. You can find it all here – theaters, shops, pubs, clubs, and lounges.

    We know that you will enjoy living in London, but are you ready to kick off your international relocation? Contact I Love Moving today, and we will start working on your move!