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Moving to Luxembourg: Tips and Advice | Architecture Making sure that you have enough money to support yourself if you do wish to live in Luxembourg is another requirement for moving there. For seven consecutive years, you have to live in Luxembourg in order to apply for citizenship. The citizenship classes do not require you to pass an exam. No one under 18 can apply. Families are able to move to Luxembourg if they meet the requirements. You need to pass a language test. Be prepared to renounce your citizenship rights from your previous country. You have to be able to speak at least one of the official languages of Luxembourg. Another requirement is to show proof of good standing and the finishing of citizenship courses. If you are planning on moving a dog you need to get your dog treated for tapeworms no more than five days before moving. The exception to the rule is if you are coming from Malta, Ireland, or Finland. All pets have to be eligible for traveling to any country in the world. If you are bringing a lot of stuff with you, you are probably going to want to enlist the services of an international mover. I Love Moving is the premier international mover for people moving to Luxembourg from any state in the United States.
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