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    Reykjavik, IcelandMoving from Santa Monica to Reykjavik, Iceland with I Love Moving

    Are you tired of the hot climate almost all year round? Does the urban vibe of Santa Monica just not excite you anymore the way it used to?  All you have ever dreamed of was falling asleep to the beautiful northern lights. So why not make your dreams come true? Regain the courage and start planning your move, anxiety free. When has moving ever been easy? Our job at I Love Moving is to help relocate all your treasured belongings without any problems.

    I Love Moving‘s priority is firstly to satisfy all of our customers. Following this we intend help you relocate safely and easily to Europe. Our main purpose is to relocate your items. We do this by using both sea and air transportation. The way we all your belongings, really depends only on your choice and on your budget. Transportation by sea takes a lot more time, but the fee is less. Air transportation is much faster, but also a lot more expensive. We charge shipping by the cubic space when shipping ocean freight. Shipping air freight is determined on how far the location is, the size, weight and consistency of your package. I Love Moving provides you with many things like free moving estimates, packing, custom crating and of course transportation. Since moving can be quite difficult and stressful at times, we offer you free storage services for up to 30 days. Take the chance to look at internet reviews or contact someone you know that has used our service before. Feedback is one of the main things we are proud of since it is mostly positive.

    The process starts when we pack up all your belongings to be sure that every item is nicely packed and wrapped so that any damage can be avoided during the time of relocating.

    Everything we use for packing are extremely sturdy and amazing for holding fragile items. Feel free to contact as for any extra information about our fair prices. We have agents that represent our company and are always help you and assist you if you have any concerns or if you are willing to book your relocation so give us a call.

    Down below are some important facts you should know about Reykjavik, Iceland before you relocate. We hope they help you!

    Reykjavik, IcelandAbout Reykjavik

    This city is not only the largest in Iceland; it is also the capital of the country. Reykjavik is located on the Seltjarnarnes Peninsula, at the southeastern corner of Faxa Bay, in the southwestern part of the country. Up until the 20th century, Reykjavik was only a tiny fishing village and trading post. On Aug. 18, 1786, the Danish-ruled Island then granted it metropolitan powers. Reykjavik became the capital of a self-governing Iceland under the Danish king in 1918 and then of the independent Republic of Iceland in 1944.

    Be aware of the climate of Reykjavik, it is quite different from Santa Monica. The climate of Iceland is maritime subarctic. This means that it is cold all year round , so be prepared!

    Economy, religion and education

    Reykjavík is the commercial, industrial, and cultural center of all of Iceland. The city’s major fishing port consists of almost half of the nation’s industries. Reykjavík’s industries include processed fish and food products, machinery, and metal merchandises. The city, even if it is not that small has quite urban and clean scenery. Reykjavik is mostly built of concrete and is heated by hot water piped from hot springs that are close to it. Most of the population is Lutheran. Quite popular architecture to see is the Parliament Building and the Church of Hallgrímur. To get a taste of Reykjavik’s culture visit the National and University Library of Iceland, the University of Iceland, the Iceland Symphony Orchestra, and the National Gallery of Iceland. The Reykjavík Art Museum is made up of three different buildings filled with hidden treasures you don’t want to miss out on. Don’t forget to visit the Sigurjón Ólafsson Museum also one of the city’s many museums and galleries.

    Hopefully these tips will be of use when relocating to this beautiful city. Give I Love Moving a call as soon as you are ready to start preparing for your relocation!