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Your moving day just so happens to be on or around the 14th of February? Here are some things you could do to make the best of it.

        Many people have had to move at some point in their lives, and you don’t always necessarily have the option of choosing the exact date for your moving day. Sometimes, you forget or just get caught moving in the middle of important days in your life or holidays. Valentine’s Day is approaching – the international, annual holiday of love, which you should, if possible, spend with your significant other. If it so happens that you’re moving on Valentine’s Day and you feel like it’s already gone to waste, don’t worry. With a bit of thought and creativity you can make still make the most of it. If you’ve been caught moving during the international holiday of romance, consider the following ideas.  

– Romantic dinner

        Once you’ve moved into your new home, whilst everything is still packed and in boxes, the only thing beside the boxes and the rooms is your loved one. Making a romantic candlelit dinner on the floor might just be your best option. Plain and simple, light up a few candles all around the room, put down a comfy blanket and have a romantic in-house picnic.  

– Romantic bath

        If your new place has a bath available for use, there’s no better way of getting started in your new home than taking a romantic bubble bath. If you can pull off making it a surprise one too, it will be a perfect end to a stressful move.  

– Packing the boxes

        Whilst you’re packing everything up in boxes, why not put little romantic notes in them too, little signs of love and appreciation. And when your significant other starts unpacking all of the boxes, they will surely appreciate the little doses of love from the notes.         Another creative way of expressing your love and care is to hide a gift for your partner in one of the moving boxes. You can say that you simply didn’t have time to get them a gift during the commotion of the move, or if you feel brave enough that you’ve forgotten about it, and ask them to bring you something from the specific box with a gift and just wait for their joyous surprise.  

– Take-out dinner and movies

        Understandably, the first couple of days in your new home, whilst everything is still in boxes and your new place is not completely set up, cooking is not your first priority. But this is a perfect opportunity to order take-out food, put on a movie, and spend a romantic evening with each other. What better way to begin your new life in your new home?  

– Make each other breakfast

        Remind each other that you don’t necessarily need to go out to have a romantic time with each other. Make each other breakfast. Make it a romantic thing, play some romantic music, and spend the first couple of days after the move leisurely. And while you are enjoying your time with your significant other, know that we at I Love Moving will be taking care of all your belongings.
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