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    Moving from San Diego to Vancouver, Canada with I Love MovingMoving from San Diego to Vancouver, Canada with I Love Moving

    Are you sick of San Diego’s heat waves? Do you constantly dream about that ideal apartment overlooking downtown Vancouver with a high top view of the ocean? Well why not relocate there?  Moving can a difficult process, especially if it is international, but with the help of I Love Moving all your personal belongings can be relocated easily without any problems.

    I Love Moving is the perfect choice if you are looking for help in the international relocation process. Our team can offer you professional help with packing, loading and transporting the items. We may not be the only company in the industry, but here are a couple of reason why you should contact us in particular.

    I Love Moving has an amazing team of obligated staff members that are responsible for your belongings in the best possible way. Our job is to move all your belongings to any place you can think of in the world in a professional manner.  Checkout the internet community or call up anyone you know that has worked with us in the past for positive feedback. Be sure that you and your belongings are in the best hands possible.

    Know that I Love Moving offers different types of services; this consists of either choosing air freight or sea freight all depending on your planned budget. Air transportation may be quicker, but it costs more money. I Love Moving can provide you with up to 30 days of free storage since we are aware of the fact that packing is not an easy process. Don’t ever worry about the safety of your belongings since our facilities are monitored 24/7 and the storage areas are fire-proof and moisture proof. In addition, you can receive free boxes delivery for any shipment and we offer custom crating.

    Down below we have enlisted for you a couple of facts about Vancouver that can be useful to you if you decide to follow your dreams and relocate. Stay tuned!

    About Vancouver

    VancouverThis beautiful and diverse city is the largest in Canada’s province British Columbia. It happens to lie on a peninsula in the southwest corner of the province’s mainland. Surrounding Vancouver are two surrounding waterways, Burrard Inlet and the Strait of Georgia that provide the city with a sheltered deep-sea port that has access to the Pacific Ocean, while the Fraser River offers an easy route to the agricultural lands of the Fraser River Lowland and the interior of the city. The diversity is Vancouver’s real charm providing it with rich cosmopolitan arts and culture scene. The city also happens to be home to the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and the Vancouver Opera, and in 2010 many Canadians are proud of the fact that this is where the Olympics were held.  Vancouver offers a great contrast with an urban life on one side in the downtown area, and a quiet and peaceful lifestyle in the mountain or ocean areas. Let’s just say, it has the best of both worlds!


    Today Vancouver is a very postindustrial city that has many employees in manufacturing. Most of its residents, on the other hand are employed in professional, scientific, and technical services, followed by health care and social assistance, retail trade, accommodation and food service, and educational services. Geography shapes this city’s economy and the harbor is used for primarily transportation infrastructure that makes Vancouver today Canada’s center for trade with Asia. All of Canada’s major banks have international services due to the diversity of the population. Major corporations such as Microsoft, IBM and Nintendo have a lot of offices in Vancouver. Due to the city’s scenic views and a wide variety of places to visit, tourism is quite popular. Apart from tourists, filmmakers have used this location because of Vancouver’s natural beauty. The city has amazing mountains, forests and ocean, which is why Vancouver has a strong active outdoors culture. After all, this is where the 2010 Olympics were held.

    Hopefully this information will be of use. Know that our goal is to satisfy all our customers, and to are offer you free moving estimates. Let us know when you plan to relocate and we will be delighted to assist you with all of the questions and concerns you might have. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call.