Moving with Your Dog

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Moving with your DogYou are ready to leave the USA and try out some of the unexplored soil. For many years, you have been thinking of the best way to relocate abroad with ease. Finally, the day has come and you still have second thought since you think of leaving your pet in America. Don’t be sad and do not think that it has to be that way. Let’s check some of the options for moving with your dog.

Choose a Pet-friendly Environment

First of all, why do you think that you have to leave your pet behind? We understand the sadness and the difficulty of doing something like this. Do not torture yourself and take your cute dog together with you on this journey. Make sure you do some research about the city you are planning to move to. Some countries require additional documentation, depending on what kind of animal you are shipping. However, if the environment is open and friendly, he will enjoy new friendships there as well.

What Should You Know Before Moving the Dog Internationally

There are countries which are a bit strict and have certain regulations on the types of animals that you can import into the country. It is most likely that your dog will travel as cargo but that should not scare you. The dog will be safely placed in his little crate for a certain period of time. What you can do is to begin training your dog for this kind of experience and see how he reacts when he spends some in a closed space. Moving with your Dog - puppies

When you Should not Ship Your Dog by Air

If you have a little puppy which is only a couple of weeks old, younger than eight to be more precise, we advise you to leave your dog in America. This can be too stressful for him, especially at that young age. The same stands if your dog is too old; do not put him on a long travel distance. We understand that this will be hard for you, however, imagine the anxiety that the animal has to go through at that age. If for any reason, your dog seems too aggressive towards the strangers, think well if you are going to ship him together with you. It may be extremely hard for the dog to get used to the new environment.

Alternatives to Air transport

If your dog does not fall under the category of those that can be shipped internationally by air, opt for the land shipping. You can give special instructions to the pet transporter and be sure that they will be taken care of well during the land shipping. If you are in the need for more information, call our representatives and learn all about the specific regulations. I Love Moving is there to make all of your wishes come true. For any additional questions, feel free to reach us. We will be more than happy to help.
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