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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Ottawa Neighborhoods for US Expats

Posted Country Guides / April 30, 2021

If you wish to become one of more than 130 thousand immigrants living in the Canadian capital city, you’ll have to find a place in one of the many great Ottawa neighborhoods. O-Town is the second largest in the province of Ontario, after Toronto. Ontario is known for the sunniest cities in the country. Also, the country’s capital, based in the eastern part of the province, is a multicultural center with a diverse population, so you won’t feel like a foreigner once you move.

Since you are moving to Canada, you should know that it is one of the friendliest countries in the world. O-Town is one of the most popular expat destinations because the highest educated workers live precisely here. The average income per family is around $96,135 per year, and because of that, it is the fourth most populated in Canada with many educational and employment opportunities. If you plan to move abroad to O-Town, you are probably asking yourself, what is the best area to live in Ottawa, or is Ottawa cheap to live in. In this article, we are going to answer these questions so keep reading.

Learn About O-Town Before Moving to Capital City of Canada

There are many things to know when relocating abroad and among them some interesting facts about this metropolis.
For example, since it is so welcoming, O-Town is multilingual. Around 45% of people speak English and 30% French, and there are also other languages like Italian, Spanish, and Chinese. This could be a great opportunity to learn a new language and overcome the fear of speaking other languages.

When thinking about your relocation budget, know that the Canadian Dollar is the official currency. So, all the expenses you’ll have to pay, convert them before.

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Best Neighborhoods in Ottawa Can Be Found on Both East and West Sides of the City

So, you decided it is time to relocate overseas, maybe because you have an excellent job offer. Still, don’t forget the most important questions to ask an employer before you accept it. But moving to Canada’s capital means not only the possibility of upgrading business experience but also diversity and a mix of neighborhoods, so make sure you choose the right one for you to settle.

You might like to know that O-Town has more peaceful neighborhoods than, for example, Montreal. But, no matter if you are moving to Toronto, Ottawa, or any other town, there are two things you should decide before choosing a neighborhood: the surroundings you prefer and that make you happy and your priorities in the current stage of your life.

Because of its diversity, this town gives you a vast range of possibilities for the neighborhood you need. No matter if you are looking for a safe and best place to live abroad with family, or you are a student looking for good education and lively nightlife, this metropolis can fulfill all of your expectations. There are a lot of things to do in Ottawa, so you can’t choose wrong, and your dreams of living overseas can become true. Here’s a video with the pros and cons of living in this metropolis:

Kanata and South Keys Are Very Family Friendly Suburbs

Kanata is one of the fastest-growing communities, and it is the largest suburb in O-Town. It is an excellent neighborhood for those who are relocating with family, because there are many interesting things to do, and it could also be a great place if you’re relocating with pets, because of plenty of parks and greenery.

Another place for families and furry friends is the South Keys neighborhood. It is located in the south of the town. A lot of greenery surrounds it and you can enjoy the great landscapes.

Both of these suburbs are very safe, and there are plenty of schools, sports facilities, parks, playgrounds, shopping centers.

You’ll End up Saving Money if You Settle in Kanata or South Keys

The cost of living in Kanata is 3% lower than the national average, so deciding to live here could save you money. Also, the median home value is $357,700, which is 22% lower than the CDN average.

However, housing costs in the South Keys are even lower than in Kanata – 28% lower than the national average. So, not only are these suburbs family-friendly, but they could save you some money.

Sandy Hill Is One of the Safest Areas in the City

Sandy Hill is a very mixed neighborhood because there is the University of Ottawa, many embassies, and historic landmarks. It is also known as a place where many of Canada’s former prime ministers lived, including Sir John A. MacDonald and Sir Robert Borden. Aside from heritage buildings, there are many condominium complexes and houses that make this and many other neighborhoods very safe and family-friendly.

Sandy Hill Has a Lot to Offer When It Comes to Real Estate

In this area, there’s something for everybody. Do you think about the cheapest place to live in Canada? Sandy Hill might be the right choice if you are thinking of buying real estate.

Somerset Street West Is the Best Choice You’re Looking for the Most Affordable Place to Eat

Most Canadians eat out or order a take-out meal. If you are also one of them but still want to save some money, Somerset street is the location for you. Here are both O-Town’s Chinatown and its Little Italy. The diversity of food types is vast so if you are often hungry, this is the most affordable place in the metropolis. According to the StatCa, 54% of residents eat out once a week, and for 49% dinner is time for a meal out. Is this going to be one of the things you’ll do to adjust to a new country after moving?

The Glebe Is an Excellent Choice for Young and Outgoing People

The Glebe is the place known for the young professionals that move here because they can find everything – from Bank Street (known as O-Town’s most desirable foodie destination) to lively nightlife. This area is known as the town’s trendiest place, and cements the position of O-Town on the list of the best vegan cities, with many restaurants and chic bars attracting young people, both singles and couples.

The Location Is Perfect for Those That Don’t Own a Car

The Glebe is situated in the town’s southern area with access to the Rideau Canal. Also, Lansdowne Park is located in this area. So, if you don’t have a car or don’t want to use one, this neighborhood with a lot of greenery and a bike path is the right one for you.

Hintonburg Is a Cultural Hotspot

No matter if you are moving abroad alone or with family, Hintonburg might be a location you’ve been seeking if you love places where culture is alive. However, there still is a professional opportunity for you. Hintonburg is located to the west of downtown, and you can reduce the commute time by walking on Wellington Street or take a bus since there are many stations. Furthermore, one of Ottawa’s main train stations is also here, so you can choose what works the best for you.

Hintonburg is also called QUAD – Quartier des artistes or Arts District. So if you love visiting galleries, theatres, art bars and restaurants, and other art events, there is no doubt this community will delight you.

Settle in One of the High Rise Buildings in Hintonburg

According to resources, the average home price in this neighborhood is quite high, over half a million USD. These high numbers for housing are just an affirmation that these beautiful communities and homes will give you everything you’re looking for.

ByWard Market Is a Historical Spot and Foodie Paradise

The ByWard is one of Canada’s oldest and largest markets, which never changed location although it was burnt four times in its history. It is right in the heart of O-Town and just a couple of minutes from Parliament Hill. There you can find everything, from exotic food to bookshops. Besides stands with fresh meat and fish, numerous types of cheeses, and other different goods, you can visit many cultural facilities, like the National Gallery of Canada. Lieutenant-Colonel John By, who built the famous Rideau Canal, designed this place where culture and nightlife meet.

And when the sun goes down, the Market becomes one of the most famous nightlife hotspots in the O-Town. We can say that the ByWard Market is an experience you should see, feel, smell, and touch. Here’s a video to make everything more clear.

Westboro is a Place for You if You Are into Sports

Westboro, or Westboro Village, is experiencing a constant rise in the population, a trait it shares with many other areas in Canada. In Westboro, beautiful tree-lined streets are free from traffic jams, and if you are moving internationally with your dog, this location might be just perfect for you. But it is also known for its sports stores. It is located along the Ottawa river, and whitewater rapids sport is very popular there.

However, sports are not the only thing you can do here. In the Village’s center, there are boutiques, restaurants, and bars that contribute to the growing number of people who come to live here.

Downtown and Centretown Have Something for Everyone

If you want to be in the middle of everything, choose Centretown. You have everything there, from beautiful Victorian houses with plenty of greenery to high and low condos. Cultural facilities like the historic Parliament buildings, exciting places to visit like Byward Market, and if you are a nature lover you can walk or cycle along the impressive Rideau Canal.

There is not much of a difference between Centertown and Downtown when it comes to a variety of landmarks and natural landscapes. Both of the places have them in abundance. In Downtown, you can walk through Confederation Park with stunning gardens and fountains and admire the National Aboriginal Veterans Monument. This is an exciting part of the town that combines old and new, with a beautiful mix of cultures.

What Parts of O-Town You Should Pass

When moving across the world to your favorite town, nothing is more interesting but thinking about all the positive things you can and will do there once you move. However, the question has probably crossed your mind – is Ottawa a dangerous city? What are the bad areas of Ottawa? Here are some neighborhoods you should avoid:

  • Vanier – it is very crowded, and the crime rate is high. Still, the living expenses are more or less cheap.
  • LeBreton Flats – this is the area where you don’t have much to do or see.
  • Carling – It’s quite the same as the LeBreton Flats area, with no landmarks or interesting restaurants and bars.

Explore the Ottawa Neighborhoods With the Best Overseas Moving Company

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