How to Pack for your International Relocation

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Our company I Love Moving is here to help relocate all your items to your desired destination, but if you are planning on packing by yourself then it is a good idea to follow these tips that we have included for you:

Time needed: 14 days.

How to Pack for your International Relocation

  1. Stay Organized

    You can do this by keeping a note of all the things you own than distinguishing a way to pack them. Really go through all your items and consider only packing the necessary ones. With everything you set aside from the relocation, there are various options of getting rid of all the items like selling, storing, donating and in the end disposing anything that can’t be used anymore.

    Tip: Keep in mind that a lot of things can be difficult and expensive to replace in other countries.

    How to pack: Boxes

  2. Buy Quality Boxes

    Be sure to not withhold on the quality of the boxes you use for packing because in the end it is worth spending a few more dollars if you know your items won’t be damaged.

    Buy quality boxes

  3. Pack with boxes that fit and use bubble wrap

    For glassware it is a good idea to pick out a box the same size and to use a lot of crumpled paper in layers surrounding the glasses. Every item should be separately wrapped in bubble paper, vertically, with the heavier items at the bottom. The boxes should be labeled with fragile if they contain glassware inside. Boxes that are going to be placed in certain rooms should be labeled with what they contain inside. Items that are in the kitchen should be packed last and first to be unpacked!

    Bubble wrap

  4. Make sure your furniture fits in your home

    Are you considering relocating all your furniture if you aren’t moving to a furnished accommodation? If this is the case than it is necessary to compare all the costs of shipping these particular items, storing them if you decide to come back or purchasing new ones when you arrive at your designated destination. Be sure to consider the fact that maybe some of your pieces of furniture won’t fit your new apartment. If you are relocating from a house to an apartment then that king-sized bed won’t be able to fit, neither will that comfy sofa you own.

    Tip: It is important to disassemble all the furniture you plan to bring and flat packing. Please use the appropriate tools when reassembling them.

    Make sure your furniture fits

  5. Pack clothes suitable for your destination’s climate

    Think about the climate difference and the seasons that are waiting for you at your new destination. You are probably going to have to buy some winter clothes if you are relocating somewhere cold, or you might want to consider selling those snowshoes for some flip-flops if you are relocating somewhere tropical or warm. Any item you won’t need store for family members to have on hand when you come home for a visit.

    Packing clothes for the appropriate climate

  6. Vacuum pack soft items

    Bedding and cloth are considered some of the soft items you may have. It is a good idea to vacuum pack these items to save space.

    vacuum pack soft items like bedding

  7. Pack liquids in sealable plastic bags

    Items such as toiletries and other liquids should be packed in sealable plastic bags or inside tight-sealing plastic boxes.

    How to pack: Liquids

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