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MovingAre you getting ready to move from your current place of living? You have decided to relocate to some country overseas and you can’t wait to start the new chapter of your life somewhere far away from the United States. However, you have to go through the tiresome process of international relocation. The things you have to do take time, especially packing all your belongings. I Love International Moving company has put together a list of things that should be done that will ease this procedure.

When to start?

Before you choose the moving date, you should know that it will take you approximately several weeks to finish packing all your household belongings. No matter how detailed plan you make, there will probably be some delayings and unexpected surprises, so be sure you have enough time.


Before you even start packing, you should get rid of all the unnecessary things in your home. Go through each room and put away those items that you don’t need and don’t use. The more you declutter everything, the better. You will have less moving boxes to ship, which means the shipping costs will be significantly less. Besides that, you won’t need storage units for the things you don’t need and packing will be easier. After you organize everything, give the things you don’t need to charity.

Packing crockery and glassware

Packing the kitchen supplies may be more difficult because you will have to wrap and secure every item. Also, you need to prepare the appropriate moving supplies and materials such as strong moving boxes of all sizes and bubble paper. By using a lot of crumpled paper, you will avoid the possible damage during transportation. Wrap each item separately. If you want to put several objects in one box, place heavier ones at the bottom. Don’t forget to double-seal the boxes and to label them. Follow our advice and pack the kitchen in the end, after every other room is empty. However, when it comes to unpacking, boxes with kitchen supplies should be unpacked first.

Packing furniture

If you are not moving to a furnished apartment, then you will have to bring some of your things to a new home. First of all, decide which pieces to pack. Maybe it is better to buy some things once you move into your new house. Be sure to measure your new place in order to decide what items can fit. If you can, disassemble furniture and you will ease the process of packing. Use the original packaging if you can and prepare a lot of paper and bubble wrap.

Packing your clothes

Before you choose which pieces to pack, consider the season and the climate. Maybe you won’t need every item in your closet. Check out the weather throughout the whole year and choose the appropriate pieces of clothing. You can leave the rest to your family and friends, or you can donate to some charity. Find more useful information about relocations by visiting this site and call I Love International Moving representatives for more information about our moving services.
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