Relocating Pets Internationally

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I Love Moving is well aware of all the difficulties when it comes to relocating pets, this is why we have put together a list of tips you should follow if you wish to relocate your furry friends! Stay tuned for more!

Rules and Regulations for Pets

There are different types of rules depending on the country that you are relocating to when importing animals. It is important to determine if you can bring your pet at all. There are some countries in the world that don’t accept all the species of dogs and cats.

Relocating Pets Internationally

Get to Know the Environment Overseas

Be sure to get all the information you can on the community you are relocating to. It is necessary to know if the apartments and houses in this location accept pets or if they have a vet nearby and if their animal care is affordable. Some countries only have a few vet clinics in an area that are extremely busy and hard to get an appointment. It would also be a good idea to check if there are any kennels in your area or animal sitters that you can leave your pets to if you happen to be going away for a couple of days.  


Before relocating to some countries, they require a bunch of medical tests that you need to run over with your pets. Timing of these medical tests is really important and if you don’t get them done on time, your pets can be at risk and there will be extra costs. You can’t avoid these tests, most countries only ask for microchips, rabies vaccinations, and blood tests, but others can be a lot more complex.

See your Vet

Get an appointment with a vet to help you start preparing your animal for its international relocation. Your vet is sure to know what procedures you have to go through to relocate your furry friend. Don’t forget to get information on your pet’s health, age and possible problems when it comes to relocating overseas.

Contact Your Airlines

Every airline has different rules and procedures when it comes down to relocating animals overseas. Be sure to contact them so that they can clarify all the concerns and issues. This is extremely important if you are going to stop at different airports before your final destination.

Relocating Pets Internationally: Pet Carrier

Get a Pet Carrier

It is necessary to get your pet the ideal carrier for the overseas flight. Most airlines request an approval from the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Some airlines even rent out carriers. All of them require exact dimensions that are based on the species and size of your animal. In conclusion, it is crucial to plan out your move to its utmost details when relocating your pet because you don’t want to get confused by a requirement. The magnitude of making a mistake can result to a fine or a more complicated situation. Be sure to make copies of every single document just in case! Leave money aside for some unexpected fines and problems that you might encounter along the way. When you have gone through these procedures, and finally feel comfortable with planning out your overseas relocation, give I Love Moving a call!
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