Relocating with or without your plants

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Your plants are what makes your home so welcoming and calming but unlike your other household items, they need special care if you decide to move them too. Read on to find out more about moving with plants. As if moving wasn’t hard enough, a stressful period when you have to keep track of so many things, from finding the right moving company to packing all of your belongings, it’s doubly stressful when it comes to moving plants. And though some of your possessions might need special care, a fragile family heirloom for example, living things like plants and pets require that much more. In some cases it might be for the best to not take your green friends with you. Whatever you decide in the end, consider the following info the next time you find yourself relocating.

Should you bring your plants?

Weigh in your options and consider the pros and cons, think about your future home and see if you can imagine your plants there, is the climate suitable for them? Even though your green friend might have special sentimental value to you, maybe if it was a gift from a loved one or was passed down to you, taking a plant on a long trip isn’t the best idea.

Relocating with or without your plantsCan you move your plants?

Even though you’ll be moving, your plant maybe aren’t allowed to. Most people don’t think about it, nor is it that obvious, but certain plant species aren’t allowed in some states and countries. This is why you should check with customs if you can take your beloved plants with you before you go and read about how to pack them properly.

Not taking plants with you

If you decide that it’s best not to bring your plants with you, or maybe you aren’t allowed to by law, don’t worry as there are plenty of options for your plants. You can leave them in your old home and ask the new owners to take care of them. If that fails nothing’s stopping you from giving them to your friends or neighbors who’d love to take them and care for them. And if all else fails, you can donate them to an old folks home or a hospital.

Moving companies and plants

The first thing you should do if you plan on packing up your plants for the move is consult the moving company you’ve hired. Many moving companies list plants among the non-allowable items for moving. And if you pack them without the movers knowledge you might be breaking some contract arrangements with them.

Relocating with or without your plantsPrepare your plants for the move

A week before the moving day comes around start preparing your plants for the relocation. Prune them properly and dispose of any dead leaves and branches. To make them easier to move you should re-pot them from heavy pots into light, plastic pots which are easier to handle.

Moving with your plants

Pack your plants properly in a sturdy moving box, make sure to line the boxes with wrap or padding between the plant pots. Keep track of their water and temperature needs, and take them with you if you’re staying a night at a hotel during the move. For extra security you can wrap them in plastic but make sure to make breathing holes for your plants. Hopefully these tips and information will be helpful to you the next time you move. And if you decide to hire professionals for the job don’t forget that I Love Moving are among the best moving companies in the country.
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