Saving money when moving

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Saving money when movingMoving, in and of itself, can seem very daunting, and though it can be very exciting it is also very stressful, not just for yourself, but on your budget too. Whatever your reason for moving, whether it’s something you have planned for a long time or you have to move on a short notice, you need to get your belongings from your current place and into your new home without losing much money during the moving process. Whether it’s across the street or moving across the country, you need to make your move less expensive and less chaotic. Your primary goal should be to organize before the move and stay organized and with a positive attitude throughout the move. Here are some handful ways to trim down on moving costs. Some are pretty obvious, others not so much, either way you will hopefully find at least some of them useful in your current situation.


Organize everything in advance of your move, from how much you’ll need to spend and on what you’ll spend it. This is very important in the whole process, make a moving budget, step by step, as people who don’t usually do make one end up flabbergasted at the cost of their move, which can lead to debt and further stress.

Get rid of the junk

Most moving companies base their fees on things like cargo weight and the amount of vehicles they provide, so moving is the best time for you to get rid of all of your junk, whether that means throwing stuff you don’t need that much away, selling your possessions for some extra money, or just donating it to a charity.

Saving money when movingHiring a moving company or moving by yourself

Hiring a moving company can help with a lot of the hustle and bustle that is usual when it comes to the moving process. Depending on where you plan to move and when you want to move, hiring professional movers can be affordable, and many moving companies offer free moving estimates. However, if you’re running on a tight budget you should consider moving yourself, even though it can be very stressful and time-consuming.

Moving supplies

Research about all the moving supplies that you’ll be needing in advance of your moving day. You should also check for all the different materials that you could get for free. Like, for example, moving boxes, the bread and butter of the packing business, which are really easy to come by for free. You can look around your workplace for spare boxes, ask any friends or family who have recently moved, don’t be afraid to ask on all social media either. Asking at the local liquor and mid-size stores can prove helpful too, if their boxes can hold glass bottles of alcohol, they can surely handle your items.

Pack yourself

If you’re low on cash or have already spent the majority of your moving budget on other stuff, consider doing the packing yourself. You can save a lot of cash that way, instead of paying movers to do it for you. Don’t forget to pack everything so it stays safe and undamaged during the relocation. Use blankets and towels as padding and sheets and newspapers to wrap everything up before you safely pack it.

Pick a good time to move

Another good tip for you, and one people don’t usually consider, is moving during the moving company’s off-season. Most companies are busiest during summer and business runs slow from September from May, so keep in mind that moving rates will be lowest during that period. Another, small, improvement for your budget would be to move on a weekday as opposed to moving on a weekend. Moving will never be stress-free and easy, but hopefully these tips will help you in staying under your moving budget and minimize your moving costs.
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