Things to Know Before Relocating to Germany

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German Flag and BuildingI Love Moving has put together some facts you need to know on Germany before you relocate there, stay tuned for more!

Contracts automatically renew

Know that in Germany, contracts are normally automatically renewed. If you happen to sign a contract or agreement that is over a year long, when it comes to the end of the agreement, the contracts  automatically renews. This is why you need to cancel the contract unless you want to renew it. Do this at least three months before the deadline.

Sundays in Germany

German’s like plenty other European nations think of Sundays as sacred and a day of rest. It is a good idea to do all your shopping during the weekdays or on a Saturday because almost all of the shops close on Sundays. You are basically forced to take a day off. Use this opportunity to focus a bit more on yourself. Do this by going for a walk, hike or maybe even a bike ride because it’s hard to find free time to spend some time outdoors for fun during the weekdays.

Sorting trash in GermanyGarbage

Know that in Germany you have to sort out your trash. Next time you go to a home ware store, get a couple of garbage cans to separate your waste. You can throw everything into one container, but they frown upon it in Germany. Usually, in front of your apartment or house you will find containers labeled for the different types of waste. These will give you a good idea on how you should sort them at home to prepare for throwing out the trash. Normally there is a trash can for plastics, organic waste, paper or just ordinary garbage. You should also recycle items like bottles, glass and aluminum.

Tipping and Cash

In Germany, paying the bill is a lot different than in the US. You should know that a 10% tip is expected of your bill in a restaurant, bar or café. Most restaurants and bars do not take credit cards, so it is a good idea to have cash with you at all times.

Set up a bank Account

To get anything else after you relocate to Germany, like health insurance or a cell, you’ll need a bank account set up. To do this, make an appointment with the bank of your choice. Ask them what you need for the appointment. This is probably going to be a passport, working contract, income statement or maybe a birth certificate. In conclusion, relocating to Germany is not that difficult. If you organize your time and inform yourself on everything that is waiting for you after you relocate there, then you are sure to adjust in no time! We hope that this information has helped give you an idea of what you need to prepare. When you feel that you are ready to start scheduling your move, give I Love Moving a call!  
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