Things to Know Before Relocating to Spain

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Are you thinking about relocating to one of Europe’s finest countries – Spain? Then sit tight because our team at I Love Moving has put together for you some information on Spain that you should know before you decide in relocating there.

In Spain, not many people speak EnglishEnglish

Know that Spain has a great employment rate for people that speak English well, especially if it is their first language. The tourism sector and language tutors are popular job offers you can receive here if you know the language well. It is also a good idea to learn Spanish.


It is a difficult process to get a Visa to relocate to Spain. You are going to need a work or study visa that is attained in the country of origin to relocate here. This process might take a while. Know that when you finally relocate to Spain, you have to go to the police station to get your fingerprints so that they can give you a special card that has to be with you at all times.


The country isn’t as sunny as it may seem, the north part of the country is a lot colder than the south. Sometimes, during the winter it can go below zero degrees, and the winds are quite strong. The more south of the country you live, the more Mediterranean the climate is.

Restaurants in SpainNight experience in Spain

Know that Spanish people have their dinner at 10pm. At bars people usually eat standing up. The locals normally order an appetizer dish called tapas, but you should definitely test out all the specialties they offer. If you plan on going clubbing, know that you will be arriving home at 6am because people normally go out at 12am. Don’t even think about leaving earlier, unless you want to get made fun of.

Language barriers

Know that a lot of Spanish people may seem rude, but this is not the case. It is due to their language barriers. If you don’t know Spanish, then it is best to start learning it, because there are not a lot of English speakers here. In most of the big cities people speak English, but in the smaller cities they don’t so make an effort to learn the language.


Know that Spain has an amazing healthcare system. If you get a job after you relocate there, you are automatically insured. Every hospital has regular visits, and plenty of prescriptions. You can even get invasive procedures done free. If you don’t happen to get a job right away, know that you can go to the doctor in case of emergency for free. The hospitals have very friendly staff that is caring. In the end, you have nothing to lose. This country is truly amazing with plenty of things to do and places to visit. So take the risk, relocate to Spain! When you are ready to start scheduling your move give I Love Moving a call. We are excited to be hearing from you!
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