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office relocationIt doesn’t matter if you are moving your company just down the block or to another state entirely, a badly handled office relocation can easily spiral out of control. The following tips are sure to help you in avoiding that. The entire relocation process can be very stressful and time-consuming, especially when we’re talking about corporate moving. As it’s not a part of a normal business day to be relocating offices, it’s sure to cause lots of stress to your employees and not to mention how time-consuming and expensive it can be. During this hectic period it’s important to plan accordingly and you’ll be surprised by how much organization helps by the end of the move.  

Plan your office move properly

As mentioned before, organization is a key component when it comes to an efficient commercial move. You should do your planning well before the moving day comes around, office relocation usually planned five months in advance, but it doesn’t hurt to do it even earlier. Organize all of your office equipment, what’s going to your new office, what’s being left behind, write it down and make an inventory of office items to make everything easier for yourself in the future.

Keep your employees informed

Once you’ve planned everything out, don’t forget to have a meeting with all of your employees so you can keep them updated. This can go a long way in making the move go more smoothly and will help your employees prepare for the move themselves. Discuss what’s going to take place, when it’s going to happen and make sure everyone is well informed about it.

Go through the office items

There’s no better time than moving to go through all of your office items, and sort out the ones you’ll be taking with you from the ones you don’t plan on using in the future. The latter you can gift, sell for extra cash or donate to a charity or a school that might use them.

office relocationDoing the packing yourself

If you plan to do the packing yourself instead of hiring professional packers to do it for you, you should keep in mind that packing will take quite some time to do properly. Assess how much stuff you’ll be packing and plan accordingly, don’t postpone doing it until the moving day comes around. Prepare plenty of moving supplies, from moving boxes and tape to bubble wrap, safely pack all of your office items and don’t forget not to over-pack the boxes, they should be just heavy enough for a single person to carry.

Don’t forget about safety

It’s quite easy to forget that safety should always be your number one concern during the hectic period of moving. Both the safety of your items but even more importantly the safety of your employees and the movers. With this in mind, make sure that you’re carrying boxes properly, with your whole body, don’t bend over to pick them up. Another important tip is to make the walkway to the moving trucks safe from slippery surfaces and any other hazards for the people carrying the boxes. Hopefully these tips will prove useful to you the next time you move offices, and if you decide to hire professionals to do it, don’t forget that I Love Moving is an affordable moving company that will take care of it efficiently.
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