Tips for safe furniture moving

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Tips for safe furniture movingDuring the hectic moving process you try and stay on top of everything, organizing the whole process, from scheduling the moving day to packing everything in moving trucks when the time comes for it. But oftentimes people forget to focus on one of the most important things when it comes to moving… safety. The entire packing process can be time-consuming and laborious, most people leave furniture for last, and moving them on your own can be very dangerous, especially when we’re talking about moving heavy furniture. It’s highly important to move heavy furniture with care and to take safety precautions to avoid any accidents, be those injuries to yourself or others, or damaging your furniture and other possessions in the process. Of course, the best and safest way of moving heavy furniture is to let someone experienced do it, that is, hire professionals who’ve done it countless time before. But, if professional movers are above your moving budget or you just want to do the task yourself, we’ve put together some tips for safety when it comes to moving heavy furniture, safety tips that will hopefully prove useful.

Disassembling the furniture

Heavy furniture is among the items that present you with the most hardship when it comes to moving to another home. This is due to its large dimensions, the awkward shape and the sheer amount of weight of it. Which is why it’s important not to forget that disassembling your furniture is among the best safety tips we can provide. It’s one the best tips because some furniture just can’t fit through certain doorways and hallways, some pieces are just too heavy to be carried around, some, on the other hand, are just too fragile and could easily break during a move.

don't move them aloneDon’t do it alone

The trouble of moving is far too great for a loner, especially when it comes to handling very heavy pieces of furniture. You should never even try to do it alone to avoid any possible disasters. If you can’t hire professionals to do it for you, ask a couple of trusted friends or family members to help you out, just make sure you do it well in advance of your moving day, so your friends can plan for it.

Clear a safe path

Plan out the journey for your sofa from its starting location to the moving truck. After you’ve done this, slowly go along the way and check for any possible dangers, this means removing any obstacles, making space for your furniture and checking if the floor beneath is safe for work, both indoors and outdoors, check for dust, spills, snow and, most importantly, ice.

Furniture carrying tips

Carrying any tall items, such as dressers, wardrobes, filling cabinets etc., should be two man job. Start by tipping it over and having one person carry the top side, whilst the other carries the bottom. This keeps the item from swinging around too much as it’s balanced out. Couches, for example, are very easily manipulated if you stand them on one end, which many people don’t tend to do.

Use proper moving equipment

Shoulder dollies, also known as moving straps or lifting straps, are a mover’s best friend, as they take the weight off your back and also leave your hands free to hold any awkward items if need be. Another important moving item when it comes to heavy furniture are furniture slides, which are used to avoid any damage to the flooring. They are made of plastic on one side and hard rubber on the other, and whether you need to move something a small distance or across the room, they will surely help you in doing it with ease. Hopefully you’ll have these safety tips in mind when you find yourself moving heavy furniture in the future, and they will be helpful so you can avoid any injuries or damages to your possessions.
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