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Custom Crating

Shipping delicate items across the sea is a long and not so smooth process, which can potentially lead to damage of something that you hold dear. I Love Moving has the best-proven solution – custom crating. Whether it’s antique, big, or small, any item can be shipped anywhere without a sweat.


No matter which option you choose – International moving by sea or international moving by air, I Love Moving can provide you with it. Despite the fact that we handle every item professionally and with the utmost care, there’s still space for possible damages, both by human error or by unforeseeable factors. For these reasons, we made sure to look at and cover every possible angle when it comes to shipping your valuables. Whether these are antique, fragile, or sentimental items, there’s still a way to ship them to any part of the world without having to worry about their safety during transit.


Anybody who’s shipping expensive or breakable things is worried about their condition once they are packed and ready to go. That is why the package must be just right and secure enough for a long trip. Any kind of valuable furniture piece or expensive artwork requires special attention, and professional movers at I Love Moving know that. We will make a custom crate out of wood or cardboard for items made of fragile materials such as:

  • Marble,
  • Glass
  • Stone
  • Porcelain.

Even though some of these materials may seem sturdy, they are still prone to scratches or dents, and we don’t want any of that to happen to your valuables, let alone fall damage. Our crates are made out of the best heat-treated stamped wood. More importantly, they are always custom made to size. That also means that we won’t use the same materials twice. Everything that we use to cover and secure your items will be brand new.


Crating an item isn’t just placing it into a wooden or cardboard crate. Before placing the item into a designated crate, we make sure that it is well packed and secured. We use various materials such as packing paper, bubble wrap, shrink wrap, foam packing peanuts, etc. After the carefully packed item is placed into a crate, we also make sure that it doesn’t move within its container by filling the crate with extra paper and foam peanuts. This way, we are maximizing the protection of the item.

Regular, everyday items aren’t exempt from this process. We handle the packing of many different breakables daily, such as glass pictures, short, tall, or wall mirrors, as well as electronics.

Wooden crates are made in our warehouses after the pickup for one simple reason – we want to make sure that the crate perfectly fits. In case you require storage services, the item will remain in the crate throughout the whole shipping process.


This is possibly the part that interests you the most. Since we use additional material that doesn’t belong to our standard and full packing services, such as packing boxes and material for wrapping furniture pieces, there’s an expected additional cost. The price for wooden and cardboard crates is generated based on the dimensions of the item. Expensive things must be crated, while everyday items can, but don’t have to be. If you still choose to put them in cardboard crate, that will come at a lower rate. If you’re not 100% confident that you took the right measurements of the item, feel free to schedule a free home estimate, and our agent will provide us with the necessary information.


Insurance is included for every move by default, but the amount provided per claim based on minimum liability is very small – $0.60 per pound damaged. Since we want our clients to be satisfied with every possible outcome of their move, we also offer premium insurance. We strongly recommend going with this option if you have any antique or high-valued items along with crating. If you wish to insure high-valuable items over $1,000, crating might be necessary to ensure protection and insurance eligibility.


International moving is already stressful enough for you to have another worry on your mind. Even though custom crates do come at an extra expense, they also go a long way, just like your fragile or expensive item will. Compared to its value, the crate’s cost seems insignificant, so don’t hesitate to call our team of relocation specialists and ask more about this service.

I Love Moving Review

Tim J.

Many thanks to all employees of the company “I Love International Moving”. There gave us an understandable and reasonable price All the furniture was very carefully disassembled, packed with love, and finally moved to a new 2BR place in a very far away country. Furthermore, these guys were unloading all things and furniture in the rain without any irritation or rush. Thank you for this job, guys!!! I also thank the managers for such professional training and great care.

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