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Oversized Freight

Oversized Freight

I Love Moving guarantees the safe arrival of your oversized freight to the destination of your choice.

Having trouble finding a reliable company that could transport oversized freight overseas? Seek no more because I Love Moving crew can help you ship anything, regardless of the size.

Oversized Freight

Shipping Oversized Freight With I Love Moving

Moving overseas is never an easy thing to do, but finding a reliable company that is going to help you during the entire process and ship your belongings is half a job. Irresponsible movers can turn your relocation into a complete nightmare, which is why choosing the right company is essential. I Love Moving is a nationwide company with years of experience in international relocations and professional moving services. We helped people move everything you can imagine, so there’s not a thing that could surprise us, or better said, a thing we can’t ship abroad.

Oversized freight is a bit more complicated and specific than other shipments. You need experienced movers who know how to handle it and take care of all logistics, from trucking to transportation to the final destination. The good news is that there is always a solution. Our team of professionals deals with oversize shipments daily. So if you thought you’d have to sell your boat or machine because you’re moving abroad, think again because using our services and shipping it might be a better option. Reach out to us or fill out the quote form on our website to get in touch.

How to Know If Your Load Is Oversized?

A lot of times, people who don’t move frequently or have not done an international relocation before are not aware of what exactly falls under oversized or equipment that is hard to ship in a traditional manner. And you won’t really find a blog explaining it or an instruction because there are no general rules. When transporting things internationally, they are usually placed in standard large containers of 20 ft or 40 ft cubed. However, there are some things that just can’t fit in. For example, yachts, speed boats, buses, tractors, trailers, other machines, and all kinds of large stuff.

These types of items are classified as oversize. However, the oversize item doesn’t have to mean a large problem. In case you’re not sure your cargo ranks as oversize and how much it could cost you, do you need any special permits, logistics, and so on, feel free to reach out to us or fill out a free quote form. Our agents will answer all of your questions. We have all the necessary equipment and guarantee that your hard-to-ship loads will arrive safely to the final destination with our services.

How Shipping Heavy Equipment and Large Freight Works?

There are a few ways of how heavy loads can be shipped, but we will represent you today three most common ones that can do the job properly in pretty much any case. I Love Moving owns all the equipment and knowledge to transport bulky loads, so feel free to contact us in case of any further questions about the means of transportation.

LoLo Load and Unload Method for Heavy and Wide Cargo

LoLo stands for lift-on lift-off, and the process involves an onboard crane that is used to load and unload the freight. LoLo is particularly convenient for bulky loads. But it is also used for containers. Overall, LoLo is considered to be less expensive and more eco-friendly.

RoRo Method for Shipping Oversize Freight

RoRo stands for roll-on roll-off, and it is also a convenient way for loading vehicles of all sizes since these ships are specially designed to carry cars, trucks, trailers, motorhomes, RVs, and so on. However, there’s usually a 15-foot height restriction for the ramp to the hull of the vessel.

Flat Rack Shipping Services

Flat rack is another common way of transporting a load that is too bulky to fit regular containers. They typically have collapsible or fixed sides, but not a roof, and they are usually used for boats and heavy machinery.

What Is the Cost of Transporting Oversized Freight?

The total cost depends upon the overall size of the load and the chosen method of transportation. Once the steamship line receives your freight, it will be measured, and based on that final measurement, we will send you an invoice with the total cost. When it comes to pricing, we do it completely transparently.

You can rest assured that I Love Moving company won’t hold your goods hostage or require additional charges. We know why this industry is on a bad note, but we don’t do hidden fees or low ball our clients. Your load is safe with us because we keep our client’s interest as a priority.

Things to Know About Shipping Heavy Cargo Overseas

Shipping overseas differs a lot from moving to another city or state. There is much more logistics, time management, and things you need to keep in mind. In our blog section, you can find everything you need to know about countries where we ship, but here we would like to point out a few things about international heavy cargo transport.

How to Properly Measure Cargo?

Many people get confused about how companies measure their oversize cargo. You should measure your equipment or whatever loads you’re shipping from the tallest, widest, and longest part on each end. That way, you’ll get the most accurate measures.

How Can I Transport My Cargo to the Port?

If you don’t live close to major ports such as NJ or LA, you can hire a trucking or logistics company to transport your goods to the port. The trucking company will probably ask about the measures, so you have to try and measure everything before booking a trucking company to do their part.

How Can I Know If My Cargo Fits a Container?

Before booking your transportation, make sure to measure everything so that you have an idea of the size. If something is too wide or tall, you need to be precise. After that, you can check on our blog the standard container dimensions we offer, or you can contact us and discuss everything with our agents to find out whether or not your stuff fits a container.

Are There Any Legal Limits?

This depends from one country to another, and although we strive to provide our clients with the latest and most accurate information, some things don’t depend upon us. Therefore, we always recommend our clients to double-check all customs regulations, permits, and rules of importing at their final destination.

Time Frame

Overseas transportation can last long, and by long, we mean weeks, and months. However, it all depends on distance, weather, port, etc. We ship from all major ports in the US to pretty much every corner of the world, so feel free to fill out the quote form on our website or contact us for further information.

How to Prepare for the Journey?

Whatever you’re sending abroad, you should clean it and make sure there are no loose parts, or forgotten things inside, especially valuables or documents. Take pictures of the existing condition with special attention to already existing damage such as scratches and dents.

Do I Need Additional Insurance?

Although your belongings are safe and insured while in the hands of I Love Moving professionals, we always advise our clients to get additional insurance, just in case. Overseas transportation lasts for weeks, and sometimes accidents can happen, which is why it is always better to invest in insurance.

Why Choose I Love Moving?

We know how relocations can be stressful, which is why we offer our clients full support during the entire process. Whether you’re moving your boat or company vehicles, it is not easy to send something so valuable on a long journey abroad. I Love Moving is a company that has been in this industry for years, and we are aware of how important it is that everything arrives intact.

I Love Moving offers all moving-related services you could need; we do all the logistics and load transport, so it is no wonder we are considered the leaders in this industry. We also provide shipment tracking because we know how nerve-wracking it is to wait for weeks to see your goods again. Meanwhile, you can read our blog to find out more about your final destination and cut some time while waiting for your shipment.

Book Transportation of Oversized Goods Today With I Love Moving

Are you ready to send your heavy equipment, boat, or vehicles on a long journey overseas? Then you couldn’t have picked a better partner than I Love Moving. Fill out a brief quote form on our website or contact us today to start things moving. We’ll do our best to complete it all in a timely manner, so you don’t have to wait too long for your belongings. Don’t worry about logistics, and let us handle everything while you pack your suitcases and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime.


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