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International Moving By Sea

When you are ready to relocate overseas, I Love Moving is a company that can lend you a helping hand and make the transition as fast as possible. We are experienced international movers who can relocate your belongings smoothly and without a fuss. If you opt for international moving by sea, know that it comes with a lot of benefits. It is eco-friendly, there are no traffic jams, it is cost-friendly, and finally, it is ideal for bulky goods.

I Love Moving is a company that strives to ensure that every move is easy, simple, and stress-free. We’ve specialized in international cargo shipping, so whether you need to relocate your house or just a few boxes, our crew can help you. I Love Moving puts its clients’ needs as a top priority, and that’s why you will get one representative to deal with throughout the process. You can approach them with any and all concerns, from start to finish. When you hire us, you will get guaranteed prices with no hidden fees or surprises, so give us a call and schedule your move.

Pick the Best International Movers Among Many Companies

For efficient, fast, and stress-free moves overseas, finding a trustworthy company to assist you is crucial. Not all enterprises can provide you with quality assistance, that’s why you should figure out which one is the best among many.

Companies Should Have Experience With Global Relocation

Relocating to another country is not an easy task, that’s why you should hire professionals that already know how to handle moving by sea. I Love Moving has been helping people start their lives abroad for a while. We are specialized in global relocations, and our services can be helpful in every step of the way.

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Professional Mover

Having a reliable partner by your side during the relocation process can make everything easier. Hiring professionals comes with many benefits and a few downsides. The first con of having professionals handle your belongings can be hidden costs and fees. Fortunately, I Love Moving offers you clear and transparent quotes, so you don’t have to worry about your money. On the plus side, all you have to do when professionals are around is kick back and relax. I Love Moving crew can do all the work for you. From boxing up furniture to transporting your car overseas.

Why Should You Choose I Love Moving to Help You Relocate

ILM is a company that had its fair share of clients, that’s why we know how to make sea relocation smooth and as stress-free as possible. Not only that, but with our assistance, you will be covered every step of the move, and our team can do all the grunt work while you are relaxing. Depending on your needs, we can offer you three types of shipping options – full or less container load and groupage/consolidation.

Full Container Load

Full container load or FCL is a service where the customer gets a container for themselves. This container doesn’t have to be full for it to be shipped. Depending on the number of items you want to ship, you can use different size containers.

I Love Moving crew can load the container at your home address but is more commonly loaded at the warehouse. Using FCL service is a quicker version of ocean freight because the containers will go directly to the port as soon as they are loaded. If you are in a hurry to get your stuff to the desired location, contact I Love Moving and ask for Full Container Load.

Less Container Load

If you don’t have a lot of things or are not packing up your entire home, you can use a less container load option. LCL is perfect for people that are shipping a smaller amount of items. When you opt for this version, the I Love Moving team will put all of your belongings in a larger container with other loads and ship them when the container is filled. That’s why if you need your belongings quickly transported, consider using a full container load option.


I Love Moving team wants to help its clients optimize their transport costs, that’s why we are offering groupage shipping which is basically the smallest type of shipment. This is a good way you can send small cargo that is not big enough to fill a container. Your belongings will be added to other cargo with the same route, which will make the transport economically practical. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about your belongings, cargo is palletized, and it will only share the container with other household goods shipments. ILM offers this type of shipment only from New York and Los Angeles, so if you want to use groupage from another US city, your cargo will be hauled there.

Take Advantage of All Moving Services

When hiring the I Love Moving crew, you can take advantage of all the moving services we offer. From packing and custom crating to car shipping, our team will ensure that you are all set to start an adventure abroad.

International Movers Offer Packing Services

Transporting things from one country to another, across the sea, is not a short trip, and unexpected things can happen. To ensure that your things are safe and protected, I Love Moving offers you packing services. Your items will be in safe hands, all you have to do is give us a call, and our crew will box everything up in a hot minute. Our crew can pack everything from electronics, mirrors, and artwork to clothing and kitchen appliances. When everything is done, you will receive a copy of the packing list where every single item is documented.

Custom Crating Will Protect Your Valuables

Do you have some valuable items that you would like to additionally protect? For those kinds of precious belongings, I Love Moving offers custom crating. Each crate is custom build using the best heat-treated stamped wood. Our team of highly trained carpenters will take the measures and build the perfect box. If you are not sure which objects should be put in custom crates, call us, our team of experts can help you decide what items need the most special care.

How Does Vehicle Shipping Work

I Love Moving doesn’t only take care of your household furniture, we can lend you a helping hand when it comes to vehicle transportation too. Depending on your needs, you can ship your vehicle alone, other household items, or in consolidation to many different ports.

How to Prepare for International Relocation

Relocating overseas is a huge undertaking, that’s why it requires thorough preparation. Start with hiring professionals that will handle your belongings from start to finish. With a company such as I Love Moving by your side, you will have enough free time to prepare all the documents necessary for your move. Look into restrictions and regulations of the new location, because some countries have strict rules about imported items. Knowing what you shouldn’t bring with you will save you the hassle of paying fees.

What Are the Items Movers Won’t Move?

  • Hazardous materials like flammable liquids, toxic chemicals, and cleaning products
  • Weapons, offensive weapons, explosives, ammunition, and imitation firearms
  • Animals, endangered animal products, and animal food products
  • Plants, fur, skins, and articles made from it
  • Radio equipment
  • Any type of food and drinks
  • Perfumes
  • Prescription drugs

How Much Does It Typically Cost to Hire Movers

This is a question that has no exact answer. However, when you figure out your volume, you should get a quote from an international moving company. As with any type of relocation, companies form costs based on multiple factors. These can include volume, starting, and final destination, as well as the type of service. To make the whole process easier for you, I Love Moving has a free estimate form on its website, but if you want more precise information, call us and ask for a quote.

Why Is the UK One of the Most Popular Destinations for Expats From the USA

Around 200,000 Americans are living all across the United Kingdom, making this European country a hot spot for US citizens. Expats flock to the United Kingdom not only because there is no language barrier, but also because there are plenty of job opportunities. If you are considering relocating to the United Kingdom, call I Love Moving to lend you a helping hand. We will ensure that your move is an anxiety-ridden experience, executes swiftly and efficiently.

How to Prepare for International Relocation

Relocating overseas is a huge undertaking, that’s why it requires thorough preparation. Start with hiring professionals that will handle your belongings from start to finish. With a company such as I Love Moving by your side, you will have enough free time to prepare all the documents necessary for your move. Look into restrictions and regulations of the new location, because some countries have strict rules about imported items. Knowing what you shouldn’t bring with you will save you the hassle of paying fees.

Frequently Asked Moving Questions

I Love Moving has been in the business for a long time, and we know that moves can be confusing and complicated to understand, especially when you are traveling abroad. To help you get a better grasp of it, we answered some frequently asked questions clients had about moves:

Where are we based?

I Love Moving is a country-wide company that services all of the US through one of our direct branches or through an agent. Our headquarters are by the main ports in Los Angeles and New York.

Who does the pickup?

Our professional team will perform the pickup of your belongings.

Does ILM handle the entire move?

We are your primary agent, and we are responsible for getting your belongings from the pickup location to the delivery. We use an agent overseas to handle the customs clearance and destination services portion of the move. That being said, it is essential to clarify that we only work with high-quality freight forwarders.

What or who is exactly a freight forwarder?

A freight forwarder or a non-vessel operating common carrier or NVOCC, and it is an individual or a firm that receives and ships goods on behalf of other companies.

Which ports does ILM use?

Our firm uses many ports throughout the US. Our group shipments go out of New York and Los Angeles. We also use Oakland and Seattle ports, but that depends on freight availability.

Can I track the shipment?

Whenever you need an update, you can reach I Love Moving agents. We will provide you with details as soon as they become available. As for the ocean portion of the transport, you will be able to track it online.

Are there any hidden fees?

I Love Moving nurtures trustworthy relationships with its clients, that’s why you will get a transparent quote. You can rest assured that you won’t be charged with hidden fees. However, depending on the country you are traveling to, there will be some exclusions:

  • Shuttle usage – if big trucks can’t access delivery locations, smaller vehicles are used.
  • Parking permits are not included if they are required during the delivery.
  • Quarantine/MAF costs are only applied if you are traveling to Australia and New Zealand. All the shipments there are inspected for biosecurity, and there is a fee for that inspection. Furthermore, you may be charged if restricted items require destruction or fumigation.
  • Special assistance such as hoisting and outside elevators will be charged extra. These are used when large pieces of furniture won’t fit in the new building, and a crane or outside elevator is needed. This is mostly applied for pianos and statues.
  • Inspections, examinations, and X-Ray charges mean that if customs pulls your container for a random inspection you will be charged with the fee.

How much will it cost if your belongings get inspected?

It is hard to say because those fees can be unpredictable. For small groupage shipments, the worst-case scenario can cost you around $500. Then again, this is highly unlikely to happen. You can rest assured that your relocation will almost certainly go smoothly and without additional costs.

Start Your Relocation With I Love Moving

When you decide to become an expat, you will need a reliable partner to help you make your dreams a reality. Look no further for movers. I Love Moving offers different services that cover every part of the move. We will do all the grunt work for you. Furthermore, when the cargo is loaded, you can track its movement until it reaches its destination. Start your move with the help of our team. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and schedule a free in-home estimate.

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