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International Moving By Sea

International Moving by Sea

International Moving Services

International Moving By Sea with I Love Moving

Our team at I Love Moving has a purpose to make the experience of your move as relaxing as it can be. We are well aware that moving your whole family overseas can be quite the dilemma which is why we have created and easier way for you to be able to do this.  We have are made up of many different professional international moving services and you can count on us because we have plenty of experience as an international moving company and have been in the business for years now.


Over the years we have had thousands of successful international moves. Each and every employee at I Love Moving is a dedicated professional. Our customers are our main priority. Every employee at the I Love Moving company treats each international move like it was their own. We don’t have any hidden fees on our international moving services and this is a great way to budget the money you spend so that just because you are relocating internationally does not mean that you have to spend a fortune.

Take the time to plan out your international move because you don’t want to be one of those people that rush into things and in the end don’t feel like they have time to organize and plan out the moving budget before the date is set. This mistake can cost you a lot of money and take up all the valuable time you have to set up a budget. Our team at I Love Moving would like to assist you with this process so that you don’t come in terms with these mistakes.  When you have decided on all the items that you wish to transport, we can help you set up a budget that is going to be based on the volume of your move. The minute that you have determined all your expenses, you can decide on whether or not you wish to remove some of the heavier items you may have. When you take out the heavier items, see if there is something else in the load that does not necessarily have to make the trip. In the end, when you have decided on the items that remain we can help determine the final cost of the shipping and get on with your relocation.

International moving by sea is made up of two different basic versions of shipping articles: Full container load and less container load.

Full container load

All of your belongings are transported in the shipping containers that you request. These containers are filled at your home and unloaded at the new destination you choose to relocate to. This is a quicker version of ocean freight because the containers will go directly to the port as soon as they are loaded and will be on the way to your new destination in a week at most. The container that you are shipping is carefully sealed at the pickup and opened after the delivery unless it has to be inspected.

Less container load

This version of shipping is perfect if you wish to ship a smaller amount of items. All of your belongings will be put together in a large container with other loads. This process will take a lot longer because the container will leave only when it has been filled up.

The way that I Love Moving will determine the costs of your international move depends on the costs of export documents, insurance costs, fuel adjustment factor, cubic feet or kilograms of shipment, price per cubic feet or kilogram and the terminal handling charge.

I Love Moving will assist you with the budget and help you organize your international move. Give us a call today and request to speak to one of our shipping agents and know that all of our estimates are free.

I Love Moving - International Moving by Sea

I Love Moving Review

5 Stars

Really happy with the customer service we received at this location, we had heard they have a few branches around the city but this one seemed the best fit for us. We spoke to one of the reps over the phone and they gave us an entire breakdown of the entire moving procedures. Things went smoothly and they manage to empty out all of our furniture within just a few days, totally happy with the results.