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International Moving by Air

International Moving by Air

International Air Freight

Let I Love Moving help you reach every part of our global village with professional international air freight service.


International Air Freight Service Provided by I Love Moving Company

As a nationwide company specialized in international relocations, we have been in this industry for years and helped people move all kinds of items across the world. Although moving by air is not the most common choice among our clients, it is certainly the safest and fastest. And those clients who invested in it always say that it was well worth it.

We organize everything, from pick up in front of your doorstep, airplane transport, to delivering everything to your new address in another part of the world. All you need to do is to pack hand luggage and book your flight. It looks easy because that is the way it is when you’re working with a reputable company that takes care of its clients.

If you have moved before, you know how even relocation to the city or state nearby can be stressful and hard to organize. Relocating overseas is far more complex and requires a bit more organization and time management since there are more participants in this supply chain. Luckily, with an experienced team such as I Love Moving, you won’t have to worry about late deliveries, scams, and hidden costs.

When is Air Freight the Best Solution for International Shipping?

The air freight is the most convenient way to transport your goods from or to the US, especially if you’re making a last-minute move or don’t want to spend weeks in an empty apartment while your goods are still rocking on the waves. You want your vehicle, furniture, clothes, and everything else to arrive promptly, in no more than two weeks? Then this is the right solution for you.

Due to higher costs, this method is often preferred by those who don’t have a lot of cargo, or, for example, need to move to a smaller business office. In business, time is money, so companies cannot afford to wait for weeks for their shipments to arrive. Both means of transportation have pros and cons, but it is up to you to pick the one that suits your needs the most.

How to Prepare for Moving Overseas With I Love Moving

Moving overseas requires much more logistics and time management, which is why we offer the fastest method of transporting cargo abroad, and we also provide additional services that could ease the process for our clients. Leave it all to the hands of professionals and focus on house-hunting on another continent or scouting for job opportunities.

Moving-Related Services Provided by I Love Moving

Whether you need help with packing, shipment tracking, moving supplies, or logistics, we have all solutions you need, so here’s a brief overview of services that might be handy:

  • Door-to-door shipping – Even when you’re moving overseas, I Love Moving will be there to welcome you and make sure your goods are delivered to your new home
  • Packing – Our experienced packers know how to handle everything, from fragile to bulky items, so leave this time-consuming activity to them
  • Moving supplies – From mattress covers to boxes of all sizes and shapes, we come prepared and well-equipped with all types of packing supplies you might need
  • Custom crating – In case you have highly valuable items that require special attention, we also offer custom crating services.

How Fast is Air Freight Service? Reach Remote Corners of Global Village in a Timely Manner

When we say this is the fastest method, we mean you can have your belongings in your new home across the sea in 7 to 14 days. The world is one big global village, but this is as fast as it can get, and we offer exclusive door-to-door solutions for this type of relocation. However, if you are relocating to New Zealand or Australia, it can take just a bit longer due to the quarantine inspection for biosecurity.

This inspection comes at a certain fee, and in case they find any restricted items that need to be destroyed or fumigated, there’s another fee. So make sure to be well aware of all cargo regulations at the destination country. All destination customs have different rules, and we always advise our clients to get the latest information directly from the embassy or customs office because these things tend to change.

How Much Is an International Move?

Moving internationally is pricey, we can’t lie, and moving by air is the most expensive of all available solutions. However, it does have numerous advantages, and it is the most convenient option, hence the price. But the exact cost depends upon several factors, which is why to get an idea of it, the best would be to fill out the brief quote form on our website and get an estimate.

How We Form the Price

We know how important it is to stay transparent in this industry, especially when it comes to pricing. As our client, you can rest assured that you won’t have to pay us anything besides the price we offer. There are no hidden fees, no extra charges, it is all included. When it comes to forming the price, it differs slightly from the pricing model for moving by sea.

All shipments are different, and the price is dictated by the volumetric weight of shipments, as well as the distance from country of origin to the final destination. Volumetric weight is calculated based on the length, height, and width of the package, meaning that it is not actual but only theoretical weight.

What Household Items Can I Take to Move Overseas?

The list of things you can send in a shipment to another part of our global village is endless. However, you do have to be very specific with bulky items and dimensions, in case there is the need for custom crating. And the same is with fragile items and valuables. Therefore we always advise our clients to be as detailed as possible with their inventory list, add dimensions for bulky items, and consult with our agents if they are not sure about something.

What Items We Can’t Ship Internationally

Although we strive to fulfill all of our clients’ requests, there are some things we just can’t send via airplane. Not because we don’t want to, but because it is not safe. Therefore it is essential that our clients are aware of those items and do not even try to pack them. In case you are not sure something is hazardous, feel free to contact us, our agents will gladly resolve all of your doubts. Here is the list of the most important things we can’t ship:

  • Batteries and liquids
  • Live plants and live animals
  • Aerosols, perfumes, pressurized containers
  • Foods and drinks
  • Explosive, firearms, ammunition, offensive weapons, imitation of weapons
  • Fur skins and things made from it
  • Cleaning products
  • Prescription drugs

Country Restrictions for Shipping Overseas

Certain countries don’t allow the import of specific things. Sometimes there is an option to obtain a special permit, but if not, there is no way to ship it. In the majority of cases, this stands for specific vehicles based on their age and mileage. So, make sure you’ve checked with the customs office if your car is eligible for import; otherwise, you might encounter hefty fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I tell if a company is reputable?

There are several things you can do, but first, check if they have a USDOT number, check reviews, ask around, search for fine print, and don’t fall for prices too good to be true.

  • What are air freight forwarders?

The freight forwarder is an essential member of the supply chain because it is an expert in the logistics network. However, it doesn’t move goods.

  • Will my goods be insured?

Your goods are insured as long as they are in our possession. However, we always recommend our clients to get additional full coverage or total loss insurance for their cargo.

  • Do you offer shipment tracking?

We do provide online tracking of shipments. Contact our agents and they will give you all the information on the progress.

  • Where can I inform on import regulations?

Our agents can help you with some information, but to get the latest and most accurate information on regulations, please contact the embassy, consulate, or customs office. The rules tend to change, and every mistake can be very expensive.

  • Will my goods be secure?

Yes, there’s no room for packing mistakes when transporting things via airplane, which is why we double-check to ensure everything is secured and in place.

  • How do you calculate volumetric weight?

You simply multiply all three dimensions of a parcel. You can also find online calculators that do that.

  • What is a waybill?

This is a document issued particularly for this means of transportation and it serves as a receipt or evidence that the carrier has accepted the package.

Mistakes to Avoid When Preparing for Relocating Overseas

Over the years, we went through numerous situations when things went wrong because some of our clients forgot or did not know how things work when moving internationally. Therefore, we curated this brief guide to point out a few common mistakes that keep repeating and help you avoid them and save some money because they all can be pricey:

  • Not researching import laws at the destination country.
  • Not investing in additional insurance.
  • Not being familiar with how the process of overseas relocation goes.
  • Not checking if the company’s truck can access your front door or street.
  • Not preparing all the paperwork and documentation in advance.
  • Not checking for items movers won’t ship.

How Much In Advance Should You Schedule Overseas Relocation

If you’re limited with your time, the best is to schedule your shipment as soon as possible. That especially goes if you have specific dates when you know you need to be in another country. Luckily, when shipping your goods with an airplane, it is much easier to manage everything and predict the arrival date.

But since moving overseas requires a bit more logistics, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for everything you’re interested in because even the smallest mistake can be expensive. Our business is to handle logistics and find solutions, but good communication with the client is at the core of everything.

Book Your International Shipping Today With I Love Moving Company to Get the Best Rates

We offer premier export and import shipping services at rates that correspond to the service quality. We want you to continue moving and exploring the world with us, which is why our goal is to gain clients’ trust and make them make their next move with us as well. Whether you’re moving your business office, household goods, or vehicles, we will justify your trust.

Choosing a reliable and trustworthy company is the first and most crucial step you need to take because, based on that, everything else happens as a chain reaction. With a good company, it only gets better, and with a bad one, well, you never know. Since you’re opting for this type of transportation, we are aware of how time is important to you, which is why we work efficiently to ensure there are no delays and that everything goes as scheduled.

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For a great big move where lots could go wrong. It was very impressive that not a single detail was messed up or forgotten. Both teams in Cali and In London were great! I booked my move with Jeff and enjoyed working with. He answered all of my questions in easy to understand ways and didn't push a sale on me right of the bat. On arrival day which was nearly a month later everything arrived, not one thing missing or damaged. The inventory list with the bar coding system they had worked very well to make sure the whole order arrived together. I used the full container load shipping with full service packing. I've never had my moving boxes so organized and so nicely packed. Wasn't hard to notice the movers they use have done many moves to places outside of the U.S.

I was excited about moving far away and started fresh.

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