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Packing Services

Packing Services

Packing services with I Love Moving

Do you already have plenty to deal with when relocating and the last thing you need after a tiresome day of planning is figuring out how you are going to pack all of your belongings? I Love Moving can help you out with all the packing! We have a number of ways to make sure that all your belongings remain in one place. Custom crates can be provided for you if you happen to have some items such as chairs, skis, and more that cannot be placed in the moving boxes that we bring. All of these custom crates are sure to be stable and durable enough because they are made according to the measures of your items that you give us.

packing services

All you have to do is give us a call and the next thing you know, we will come over and in a jiffy all of your belongings will be packed. The same goes for the items that will arrive to your doorstep at your new destination. Our amazing staff will create an organized packing list and you will receive a copy of every single item documented so that you can stash it in your records just in case. We pack everything you can think of from electronics, furniture, clothing, pictures, artwork, kitchen appliances, mirrors, glasses to lamps and even toiletry. All that is up to you is to relax knowing that everything is in our hands so be sure to focus on the adjustment process of your relocation instead. In many circumstances we can offer you a flat surface for unpacking and debris elimination and all you have to do is put away your belongings. For more details on the subject give us a call!

When we pack all your belongings we only use new materials and any item that can break is wrapped and boxed by itself as well as pictures and art. We pack boxes sufficiently to avoid crashing and tape them top to bottom. Every single one of the boxes are labeled so that you can find them on your packing list. Carpets and rugs are wrapped and rolled up and furniture is disassembled. Hardware is put together and paper pad seams are sealed.

I Love Moving - Packing Services

I Love Moving Review

5 Stars

...The packers were also awesome!! They packed our 3 bedroom apartment in about 4 hours and came back the next day to load everything in a container to be shipped to London. Really nice guys to chat with while they packed everything quickly and well (nothing was broken or damaged when I got my things in London). Also on this end the crew was amazing. Everything was unwrapped and in place in no time and the guys were very nice.

If moving in general is amongst the most stressful things one has to go through, international moving can be that times 10. Or not!! I really can't say enough about I love International Movers, they truly have chosen an appropriate name!! Trust the great reviews and go with them!!