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One of the most important things, when it comes to international moving, is often overlooked until the move-out date. It’s the additional sense of protection we need for our belongings. With I Love Moving international company, moving insurance is guaranteed, although our professional movers will do everything to avoid any harm or damage to your items.

It’s Best to Provide Yourself With Coverage for Every Aspect of Life

Having a policy is something that comes naturally to each one of us, whether it’s our healthcare, home, car, or any other type of coverage in question.  It’s no different with relocations, and especially when we plan on moving internationally to a new home in another part of the world. That’s when we most need to be prepared for the unexpected. Each move is complex and different in its own way, but professional movers can help you avoid any unnecessary stress in the best possible way.

Keep Your Relocation Anxiety at Bay With the Best Policy for Your Move That Relocation Companies Can Provide You With

It is a fact of life that such big events as relocating to a new home leave a trail of tension and a bit of stress in their wake. That’s why anything that contributes to fighting away any amount of worry and anxiety should be of high value. After we’ve made up our minds on packing up and sailing on to the other part of the world and finding a new home there, the next big stressor is whether our belongings will arrive without any damage or other mishap. But since such long trips can be uncertain, the best way to avoid panicking is to invest in a policy.

What I Love Moving Does Is Provide You With Different Coverage Solutions

I Love Moving is a professional relocation company that is the best partner you can have for your move. Our movers are swift, experienced and will make sure all your possessions are handled with care. But to top it all off, and give you peace of mind, we offer different types of insurance for moving companies:

  • Our basic form of coverage, which is eligible for all the belongings you want us to transport, is mandatory liability coverage. It’s calculated into the initial quote and comes at no additional cost. It’s the minimal protection offered for your possessions, and it will cover $0.60 per pound of any item that received damage.
  • Our basic coverage is a good thing to have, but since all our customers mostly transport belongings of higher value, we recommend that you get a Full Value Replacement policy. It’s a policy that comes at an additional cost, but the movers will be liable if anything happens to the insured possessions. FVRI is eligible for the items our crew has packed, and our company has the option to repair the items that received damage, replace them, or pay for them. The other initial condition for getting this type of policy is to present us with a detailed inventory list of all the items you want us to transport and protect.

If you require any additional information, you should contact our customer service representatives and ask what interests you. But keep in mind that if any damage does occur during transport, your satisfaction is our top priority, and we will do everything possible to resolve the issue and cover the claim.

Additional Moving Insurance Coverage Is a Great Choice for Items of Value

While mandatory liability coverage offers at least some sense of protection, you should keep in mind that $0.60 per pound of damaged goods is far from being suitable for most of your possessions. Full Value Replacement at additional cost is always a good option as it doesn’t take weight into consideration and doesn’t cover per pound, but for the value of the object. However, since relocating abroad is a complex process, and it takes some time for your belongings to reach their destination, we also encourage our clients to invest in third-party insurance, so they can freely relax during the trip.

Freely Contact Our Support and Inquire About All Things Related to Your Upcoming Move

If you’re unsure which type of coverage might suit what you need or have any other questions about the upcoming relocation, please contact our customer service representatives. They will gladly answer all your questions and inform you about our services. If you provide us with an inventory list, we can also give you our quote for free, so contact us today and set the date and terms of your move, and we’ll provide you with the ultimate experience.

Moving Insurance Is Always Important, and It Can Especially Help When Moving Abroad

Even with the help of highly skilled crew members of an international moving company, shipping overseas to our new home can be unpredictable. That’s why you need to protect your assets in advance and enable an additional sense of security with an adequate insurance policy. Our movers and packers will handle each item and all your possessions with the utmost care, but since accidents may occur, it’s better to have some sort of coverage than none.

A Good Overseas Shipping Company Will Do the Overseas Shipping, but a Great One Will Take Care of Every Aspect of Your Move

Many companies can move you, but only the greatest will care for all your concerns. I Love Moving is an overseas moving company that always puts its customers first and works hard to make each relocation swift, effortless and convenient. Our pricing is transparent, and our services are unparalleled. To top it all off, we always strive to give even more, and that’s why we provide you with different insurance solutions, so your move can be devoid of tension and worry. You can freely relax while your possessions are in our hands, and we will take utmost care of every aspect of your relocation.



We are very satisfied with your company’s service. The movers on both ends were careful, punctual, accommodating, and friendly. Our furniture arrived on time and in good condition. Thanks so much!

Karen and Raymond

Many thanks to all employees of the company “I Love International Moving”. There gave us an understandable and reasonable price All the furniture was very carefully disassembled, packed with love, and finally moved to a new 2BR place in a very far away country. Furthermore, these guys were unloading all things and furniture in the rain without any irritation or rush. Thank you for this job, guys!!! I also thank the managers for such professional training and great care.

Tim J.

I decided to rent my apartment, and I wanted to move to Europe for summer. I do not regret using ILM. Transportation of things has been performed quickly and professionally. All the items were transported in complete safety. I believe that it is better to pay and know that you can expect quality moving service, then try to pack and ship everything on your own. Thank you very much for your professional work. Dear future customers, do not assume that you know how to pack your own possessions better than these movers! Just trust them, and you will be pleasantly surprised. They are simply masters of their craft!! Save your time and nerves.

Bobby O.

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