Insurance Options | I Love Moving International Movers



If you are wondering about the insurance you can have with our company, let’s first go over the cost. The moving costs at I Love Moving are based on total volume or weight of your items. They are made up of three important parts: Origin, Ocean and Destination. Origin costs are better known as the weight of your shipment. The rates are normally made in the trade per 100 pounds of weight. To make things easier for you, we adapt these charges to fee per cubic foot by dividing the weight in pounds by 7, allowing 7 pounds per cubic foot. If you are transporting everyday household belongings you will never surpass that. The Ocean part is based on the volume. Shipping lines charge by the volume of your container. If you plan on transporting household belongings know that you will never overdo the weight limitation for every container. The rates of your new location are calculated in the trade, depending on the country, by volume or weight. The cost of your insurance will be approximately 3% of the value of the belongings that you have being shipped to your new destination. Your items are in the best hands, but sometimes, with reasons that we can’t control, some damaged could be done or some of your items might get lost. This is why you have the privilege to insure your belongings with all-risk, door-to-door marine insurance. You can arrange this insurance with I Love Moving. While the cost of insurance is not covered by our estimate, we will be glad to guide you in this matter. Remember, always insure your goods for the amount of money it would cost to replace them in the country to which you are moving. Costs overseas are often much higher than in the United States.