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How to Pack Shoes for Moving

Posted How-to / September 16, 2019

If you’re in the process of relocating to a new home and have decided to tackle the packing on your own, you should make sure you know how to pack shoes for moving properly. Footwear seems to be one of those things that we tend to disregard when the time comes to pack. By doing so, people often end up with a pile of damaged pairs of shoes. To avoid that, you should make sure you know how to do it properly.

How to Pack Shoes for Moving – a Step-by-Step Guide

To help you tackle the task of packing footwear before your relocation, we’ve decided to put together this handy guide. Read on for some tips and tricks on how to pack your shoes.

Prepare for Packing

The first step to this process is making sure you have everything you need, as well as that you know exactly how to go about this task. Here are some of the most useful tips.

Get Rid of Old Pairs

Before you even start looking for packing supplies and materials, take a look at all your footwear. Are there any pairs you don’t really wear anymore? Perhaps they’re too uncomfortable, too old, or you simply don’t like them. Whatever the case is, there is no reason for you to bring these pairs with you, so get rid of them. If they are in good condition, you should consider selling them or donating them. For example, you could organize a garage sale where you will be selling all the items you don’t want to bring to your new home. If you have footwear that’s hardly wearable anymore, simply toss them away.

Divide Shoes into Groups

Your next step is to divide the shoes you’ve decided to bring with you into groups. The first and the most important pile is the footwear you wear regularly and will probably be wearing on the days around the moving date. These are the pairs you’ll be packing last (if at all). The second pile should be reserved for fancier and more expensive footwear that will require some extra attention when packing. And finally, the third pile is where all the other pairs belong – those that you won’t be wearing any time soon, that are out of season, and that you won’t need in the following few weeks.

Alternatively, you could divide your footwear into piles according to their type and shape. For example, high heels could go in one pile, winter boots into another one, and running sneakers into the third one. Of course, if you have any friends who have moved before, you could ask them for some tips as well. Whichever system you decide to go with, it’s crucial to stay organized and take the time to protect your footwear properly.

Buy Packing Paper and Related Supplies

Finally, it is time to buy all the necessary supplies. The most important thing you’ll need is packing paper. You’ll be using it to wrap your belongings, as well as to line the boxes and even fill the empty spaces. You will also need some duct tape and perhaps even cardboard or plastic inserts for your more fragile pairs. You might also want to consider using foam peanuts, as they do a better job of preventing the contents of a box from flying around.

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Prepare Your Shoes

Now that you have everything you need, it is time to prepare your footwear. The most important thing you want to do is clean them. The last thing you need once you unpack is to be left with a pile of dirty sneakers lying around your home. After cleaning them, make sure each one is completely dry. If any moisture sneaks its way into the box it could easily develop into mold. Of course, don’t forget to protect the tips of the shoelaces from damage. Finally, stuff your sneakers with paper or, if possible, use cardboard or plastic inserts to help them keep their shape.

Use the Original Shoe Box

One of the best tips we could give you is to use original boxes. If you still have the ones you got when you bought your footwear, they would be ideal for the job. They are perfectly shaped to match the size of their contents and will be the easiest to pack. If not, do your best to find packages of similar dimensions. You could even ask at your local shoe stores if they have any.

Properly Protect Each Pair

Before you seal your boxes, it is important to make sure that every single pair is packed and protected the right way. First of all, check if they’re stuffed with paper enough to hold their shape. Secondly, wrap each shoe in one to two layers. You could use newspapers for this as well, but be wary about the possibility of ink staining your footwear. You will also want to use it to line each box before putting the shoe in. Finally, fill in the rest of the box with crumpled paper, foam peanuts, or old pieces of cloth. After closing each box, gently shake it to make sure nothing is flying around. Lastly, seal every package using two layers of duct tape so they lid doesn’t come off during transport. Don’t hesitate to give us a call for some additional tips.

Prepare the Shoe Boxes for Moving to Storage Units

If you will be storing your belongings in a storage unit while moving into your new home, there are some additional steps you should take to protect your footwear. Since most shoe boxes are made out of cardboard, they aren’t exactly waterproof. This is why you should wrap them in plastic wrap or put them in plastic bags so they stay protected until its time to take them to your new home.

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