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    Move to Luxembourg with I Love MovingMoving from Hackensack to Luxembourg, Luxembourg with I Love Moving

    Have you decided to leave the state of New Jersey and relocate to a more cultural European city? Luxembourg has many things to offer you, but the thought of having to move internationally does not seem like such a good idea. I Love Moving knows that the process of moving is not an easy job especially if it means transporting all your items internationally, but with our help it will all go by quickly and stress-free.

    We have a group of determined staff members that will be responsible for your belongings and relocate them in the best way possible. If you are not really sure and want some more information on us, then check the internet community for the previous reviews we have had from many satisfied customers we have had in the past. We are quite proud of them. Apart from the fair and competitive prices, we offer you a wide variety of moving services from air freight to sea freight. Picking out the type of moving service you want depends on your planned budget. Transportation by air is a lot quicker, but it costs more money, when transportation by sea takes time, but is a lot cheaper. All our storages are monitored 24/7 and you can get free boxes delivery for any shipment which we offer custom crating for. Our goal is to satisfy our customers, and we can offer you free moving estimates. Contact and we will be delighted to help you with all of the questions and concerns you might have.

    Enlisted below are some interesting facts that are going to help you settle in after your relocation to Luxembourg, stay tuned!

    Move to Luxembourg with I Love MovingAbout Luxembourg

    This diverse and amazing city just happens to be the second richest country the whole world even though it is one of the smallest countries in the world. It is least populated out of all the European countries with a total of half a million residents. Luxembourg has an area of around 2,586 square kilometers which makes it slightly smaller than Rhode Island in the US. In this country three languages are spoken making it tri-lingual – German, English and French. Forests are what make up most of the city and cover more than a third of the country. A fun fact is that almost all of the forests are privately owned. The city happens to have the highest minimum wage in all of Europe paying workers a minimum of EUR 1,923 per month. Luxembourg is one of the safest countries in the world with almost no crime rate. There is absolutely no chance of being shot or stolen from on the streets of the country. There are a lot of police officers in the country and only two jails. The city is just so diverse due to the fact that almost half of its employees commute to work in Luxembourg from another country. Half of the local population is foreign with about 10 different nationalities living in the whole country. Luxembourg happens to be named after a Saxon fortress and was founded in 963 AD as the County of Luxembourg by Sigefroi, the man who built a fort on the spot.


    This amazing city is not only one of the world’s major financial centers, but also one of the world’s major business centers and a tax haven. Luxembourg is home to the European Investment Bank and more than 150 others. There happens to be around 28,000 tax agreements, tax returns and other documents that expose how around 350 of the world’s largest companies, like Pepsi, IKEA, and FedEx, were able to save millions by using Luxembourg’s tax laws.


    This city has a great mix of cool summers and moderate winters. Due to the fact that the country is so small there is little variation in climate from area to area. Rain falls almost the whole year with a couple periods of drier weather ranging from April to September. The average precipitation of this country is about 800 mm.

    Hopefully these facts are going to be of use after your relocation! When you are ready to schedule your international move give us a call!