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    Move to Oslo, Norway with I Love MovingMoving from Long Beach to Oslo, Norway with I Love Moving

    Are you thinking about making the biggest move of your life? Does the Long Beach lifestyle not appeal to you anymore? All you can think about is exploring the forests and mountains Norway has to offer. Well why not make your dreams come true? Moving can be one of the hardest transitions a person has to face in their life. The whole process is extremely time-consuming and tiring. Everything about it gives you anxiety especially the fact that it is an international relocation. Don’t worry too much; I Love Moving is here to help! Give us the privilege to handle all the necessary tasks in a professional manner and let you take the most out of this amazing European city.

    Our Job at I Love Moving is to satisfy all of our customers and to help you relocate safely to your dream destination. We include many different services such as transporting your belongings using both sea transportation and air transportation. The way you transport depends only on you and your budget. Sea shipment takes a lot more time and costs less; while air transportation is faster the fee is costly. Shipping by sea is charged by the cubic space, and air freight price depends on the wanted destination and the size, weight, and volume of your package.

    Our job is to provide you with free moving estimates. We also are specialized in packing, custom crating and transportation. Since we are well aware of how hard the whole relocation can be, our company offers you a free storage services for up to 30 days. If you are skeptical and know a person who used our services before, feel free to ask them about their experience with our company and if not, you can check the internet feedback we are quite proud of.

    Before relocating to your dream location, our team of experts will pack all of your items make sure that every item is carefully wrapped to avoid any damage during the transportation process. The products we use for packing are very sturdy and able to hold all your delicate items. Give us a phone call on any questions you may have regarding your relocation. Our amazing staff will be at your service to assist you with any question you have about the entire booking process.

    Down below we have enlisted some interesting and useful facts on Oslo. They are sure to be of use for you in the near future. Stay tuned!

    About Oslo, Norway

    Move to Oslo, Norway with I Love MovingThis remarkable city is the capital and most populated city in Norway. You will fit in right away because Norwegians are the one of the most hospitable people in the whole world, and the scenery of the country is absolutely stunning! Oslo was generally founded around 1000 years ago, when King Harald III established a trading place in the town. The city has been the capital of its country since 1814. Coming from a palm tree state, get excited about the hundreds of square kilometers of forests you have surrounding the city. Today the city is home to Norway’s King Harald V and Queen Sonja that live in The Royal Palace. There is a wide variety of places to visit such as the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, the Norwegian Opera and Ballet and the National Theatre.  Since Oslo was one of the Viking Age idealism, that makes it home of many different cultural mavericks. The city is so environmentally friendly with just a 15 minute walk away from any bush. According to a whole lot of people, Norway is one of the healthiest and best places a person can live in the world. The city just happens to have the lowest unemployment rate and the highest Human Development Index in the whole entire world. Be prepared for the cold weather! The Norwegians do not believe in bad weather, they only believe in not dressing right. So stock up on all your warm clothing because you are definitely going to need it! Oslo is not only Norway’s capital, but one of the Scandinavian capitals as well. Today, the territory of Scandinavia is one of the richest in the whole world. In any parts of this country, you will receive the absolute best hospitality a person can offer.

    Hopefully these facts will be of use after your relocation! Give us a call and schedule your move today!