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    Moving from Calabasas, California to Palermo, Italy with I Love Moving

    Do you want to move from Calabasas? You have decided to leave the USA and go to Europe. Finding the right city can be difficult, but may we suggest Palermo, Italy? It is an excellent choice because the city offers a lot to its residents and we know that you will love it there. However, before you can fly to Palermo, you have to find a reliable international moving company to ship your possession across the Atlantic.

    Palermo PalaceI Love Moving puts its clients first, and we strive to make every move easy, simple and stress-free. International cargo shipping has been our specialty for more than 15 years, and no matter what you need to relocate, we can do it. As for our transportation services, you can find air freight shipping, ocean freight shipping, and door-to-door moving. You will get a move consultant who will help you with every step, and you will never feel lost and out of control.

    Our reputation has been built throughout the years, and you can check other people’s reviews and see for yourself that I Love Moving is the best in business. You are probably worried because you need to take your vehicle with you. How are you going to transport it across the Atlantic? Easy. I Love Moving provides overseas car shipping and all container and lift van services necessary to make a successful shipment. Furthermore, one of our agents will help you collect the required documentation you need. The most important thing is that your car will be in the same condition as you left it. Among other relocation services, I Love Moving offers

    • Moving Supplies
    • Storage Space (30 Days Free)
    • Packing Services

    Contact us if you need more information about any of these. You can also schedule a free survey via Facetime or Skype. We are one of those companies which offer you a flat price without hidden costs, meaning that you can plan everything accordingly.

    About Palermo, Italy

    Palermo PiazzaPalermo may not be the largest city in Italy, but it is one of the most beautiful ones. It is located in Sicily, and the city is famous for its history, culture, gastronomy, and architecture. Believe it or not, but the city of Palermo is over 2,700 years old. Before it became the part of the Roman Empire, Palermo was occupied by Carthage, while Byzantine Empire took power later on. The population of the Palermo urban area is slightly under 900,000, and the main language spoken here is Italian. Numerous tourists love visiting Palermo for its Mediterranean weather and cuisine, which is popular across the world. Also, the architecture is special with buildings done in Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque style. Roman Catholicism is an essential part of the culture in Palermo as well. Read more about Palermo.

    Things to Do in Palermo, Italy

    Palermo is an amazing city which will always make you feel as if you are a tourist. It has a wide array of churches the most famous of which are Palermo Cathedral, Cappella Palatina, Chiesa della Martorana and many others. Typical Italian squares are ideal for walking with your friends and family, while you can always visit Teatro Massimo known as the “Greatest Theatre” and enjoy world-class opera. There are numerous museums as well, but we will leave you to explore it by yourself. You cannot live in Palermo without going to the local restaurants from time to time and try one of the greatest dishes in Italy and the southern part of Europe. Some of the finest restaurants we suggest are L’Ottava Nota, Badalamenti Cucina e Bottega and Gagini Social Restaurant.

    Once you settle in Palermo, the best way to rest is to go to some of these magnificent places and treat yourself and your loved ones with these fantastic meals. However, now is not the time to relax because you need to contact I Love Moving and schedule your moving day. Do it today, and we will start working on your international relocation!