Things to Know Before Relocating to France

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France is truly one of the finest countries in Europe. Tourists from all over the world come visit here, but there are some things to consider before packing all your belongings and relocating here. Our team at I Love Moving has put together for you some facts on France to help you decide on whether or not you want to move here, stay tuned for more!

French ShopsGreetings

French behavior is a lot different than what you are normally used to. This is why you might find it quite difficult to make friends in the country. It really takes a lot of effort to catch on with the French formalities. In France you don’t greet your colleagues at work with ‘hi’, instead it is normal to shake their hands if they are men or to peck them on the cheeks, usually twice, if they are a women. Even if work is not the case, this is the most common greeting of the French.

The language

Even though a lot of people speak English in the country, the French have a lot of pride when it comes to speaking their own language which is why a lot of the people refuse to learn English. This is why it would be a good idea to learn at least the basics before you relocate here. The rest you will easily be able to pick up once you have settled in.


There is so much paperwork you have to go through to relocate to this country, and the French bureaucracy complicates the process a bit more. This is why it is necessary to be really persistent and patient with everything, and don’t forget to make copies of all the documents!

France coastCustoms in France

It is necessary to know some of the common customs a traditional French family may have. Like the fact that it is normal for friends and family to get together once in a while especially on occasions where they eat courses of good meals and have different types of activities like dancing. When going to someone’s part or dinner invite it is necessary to bring a gift to express your gratitude. Another custom is that almost everything is closed on Sundays.


There is a saying that relocating to France is only for the open-minded and positive. This is due to the fact that it can be really difficult to meet new people here and make friends. French people, particularly Parisians, are quite introverted to strangers and newcomers. Having a friend already in the country is a great advantage. It is a good idea to go to as many social events you can. Be friendly with your colleagues at work if you happen to land a job. With a friendly and positive attitude, you are sure to make friends in no time! Through it all, relocating to this country is quite the enriching experience because of the culture, beautiful language, incredible food and scenic country! Every location is truly its own adventure, so take the risk and relocate here. When you are ready to start scheduling your move, give I Love Moving a call!  
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