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Have you decided to move overseas? The amount of documents needed to travel abroad is vast. But don’t let this discourage you. Start early, and you will be able to check the expiration date and collect new documents in no time. Make sure you do your research, get familiar with the rules and laws of your new country, and find a reliable international moving company to help you with the move.

Besides a passport, you will have to obtain a visa to relocate.
Passport is not the only paper you will need to relocate.

Passport, Visa, and Other Documents Needed to Travel Abroad

When getting ready for the adventure that is an international move, make sure that you have all of your necessary documents.

Passport should be valid for at least six more months, but this rule might vary, depending on the country you choose to relocate to. If you are applying for one for the first time or the one you have is about to expire, visit the US Department of State website for further instructions.

Check if you need a visa for the country you are relocating to. Also, when you are sure that you should apply for one, don’t wait until the last moment to do it.

If you are planning to take your four-wheeler with you overseas, know that you should obtain an international driving permit since many countries don’t recognize US driver’s licenses. Check with the Department of State to make sure you are required to get a new driving card.

If you are taking medication, check with the embassy if you will need a license to carry them. Some prescriptions that are legal in the US might not be in other parts of the world.

Expat Guide on How to Travel with Kids

If you are moving with your kids, there will be double the paperwork to think about. Make sure that your kids have their passports and visas ready. Children under the age of 16 can have passports that are valid for five years.

If you are the one that is moving with kids, but your partner is staying behind, you should obtain consent for a trip with minors. The consent document should contain:

  • The child’s contact
  • An ID card with both parents’ contact information
  • Or an ID card of the person who the minor is traveling with or their arrangement
  • The child’s address

Furthermore, a parent on a trip with kids should have proof of their relationship. You can take care of this by bringing a birth certificate, a court order, or adoption papers.

One of the useful tips, when you travel, is that when you finally collect all of these, ensure that you make a few copies, and keep them separated. In case you lose passports or an ID card, you will have a copy to prove your identity.

Make sure all of your passports are up to date before you travel out of the States.
When you are traveling abroad with kids you are required to have additional documents.

Insurance Information

Picking up your life and relocating across the world can be risky. That is why you should have insurance. Think about valuable items you are moving by air or shipping by the sea – would you want them insured? Maybe you are relocating your car? Having a policy will give you peace of mind when moving companies are handling your items.

Insurance should not be only for your belongings, look into all the options that are available to you.

When Traveling, You Need Different Types of Insurance

First and foremost, obtain life insurance. If you have this policy before the trip, all you should do is keep your USA bank account, and the company will draw a premium from it. Just to be sure, check the contract and get familiar with events and countries that might be excluded.

If you are getting a new policy, disclose the new location, nature of your move and time frame of your stay. Insurance companies will make sure to provide you with the best rates possible. Disability insurance mostly comes through work, so if you are working at the same company overseas, you will be covered.

Having international health insurance is vital if you are going to a place that does not have adequate medical care. You should also obtain it if you are already sick.

Auto and personal property insurances are especially crucial during the overseas move. You would not want to be left with a damaged car, or without compensation for the lost or broken items.

One of the pro tips is - obtain travel insurance when you are leaving the States.
Pro tip - get insurance when you relocate overseas.

Traveling-Related Tips

The adventure that is moving across the world comes with a lot of research and preparation. Check with your agents, airline company, and government officials to find information about the exact paperwork you require.

And if you’re planning on taking your pets with you overseas, make sure what paperwork is necessary when moving with a dog or relocating with a cat internationally.

Keep your papers stacked in one case, and copies in another. It would be really bothersome if you were looking for each paper in a different place.

Preparation is key to a stress-free and successful move. So, don’t hesitate, start reading and researching.

Vaccination Before the Trip

Before you move, visit your doctor and do a checkup. It will ease your mind knowing that you are healthy. While you are there ask for a copy of your medical record, you should bring it with you just in case.

Check what vaccines you require to enter your new country. China recommends vaccination for malaria, while Argentina advises its new citizens and visitors to receive a Yellow Fever vaccine. United States Department of State offers you details about your new home.

Vaccination Before the Trip
Vaccination is a necessary precaution.

Read Articles and Learn About Your New Home

Remember, different countries, different laws, and regulations. Before you move and make yourself at home, get familiar with the specifics of the state you are traveling to.

Besides having a valid passport and obtaining a visa, you should think about things like different traffic regulations, language, and schools. Remember, some countries don’t recognize a degree you got in the States. Also, when you travel across the world, you should try to break the language barrier because when you speak the common tongue, you won’t be seen as another foreign person but as a local. When you get to know these things, adapting to a new environment will be easier and quicker.

If you are relocating because of the job opportunities, research business ethics every country has. You can do this by reading business articles, magazines, blogs. Gather as much information as possible before you leave the United States.

Make sure you research everything before your relocation.

Stay Connected and Take a Vacation to Your Old Home

Join the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP). It will keep you informed, connected, and safe. It is a service that allows US citizens to receive relevant information about the safety of their chosen destination.

This free service will keep you connected to your friends and family at your old home if there is any natural disaster or family emergency. 

Another way to stay connected with your social circle back at home once you move overseas is to plan a vacation as a chance to visit your old friends and family.

The best way to get over being homesick is to plan a vacation to your old home.

Tips on Picking the Right Moving Company

Having reliable assistance when you are moving across the world is a must. That is why you should dedicate your time to finding a first-class international moving company. Read through the reviews of previous users, and see how they are satisfied with the service. Nothing speaks better about the company than successfully executed moves.

Let’s be honest, boxing up your life will be tricky. That is why you should look for a firm that offers packing services and provides you with the best packing supplies. And depending on the number of belongings you are planning on taking with you, you might use storage service as well. Also, don’t forget about car shipping, because who would want to be in a new country without their favorite four-wheeler.

When you are finally satisfied with your choice, pick up a phone and call the best company out there.