Collecting important documents when moving abroad

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important documentsHave you decided to move out of the United States and to start living abroad? If so, you will need assistance with the moving process. I Love Moving is the right choice for you. You may feel overwhelmed by too many daunting tasks you have to do before you move abroad. Even though you have hired I Love Moving to do most of the tasks regarding relocation, there are still some important matters you have to do yourself. One of the most important things is collecting all the documents you will probably need in a new country. You never know when you will be required to present some of then when applying for work, various permits and licenses. So, what documents should you collect before you move to work and live abroad?
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Certificates of Citizenship
  • Divorce and custody arrangements
  • Educational qualifications, school transcripts
  • Certificates of all your professional licenses
  • Police checks
  • Medical records
  • Dental records
  • Work records
  • Property and motor vehicle insurance records
  • Income tax records for a few previous years
  • Driver’s license
  • Records from your bank
  • Lease or rental agreement for housing in your new country

Where should you keep them

It is recommended to make copies of these documents. Keep the documents with you while leaving your country, do not ship them with your belongings. You could need them while traveling, crossing the border or just after you settle in your new home. It may take some time before your household arrives at your new address, so be prepared to get organized having the most important items always with you. You may leave the copies in one of the boxes that will be transported separately, but keep the originals in your luggage. You may need to present some of them to local host country authorities. After you have all the documents, make sure to keep them in a waterproof file. You can also store them electronically and back them up in case your computer gets damaged in transit.

Who can help you once you move

Naturally, there is a consulate of your home country in every bigger, commercial city in your host country. Just search for the one which is nearest your new place in case you’ll have to contact your consular officer. Its primary function is providing services to the residents. They can assist you to ensure fair treatment and access to legal representation; they can renew your passport, or replace your lost or stolen passport, provide any information you need on dealing with the host country authorities.

Prepare everything on time

Tackle these tasks that matter most a few weeks before you are leaving. To make sure you’ll complete getting all these personal documents, start collecting them on time. Be persistent and don’t give up if you experience some confusion or difficulty when you ask for some of them. Although you are going to spend some time doing it, think of your exciting new life you are facing. It’s worth being a little busy to complete the whole moving process when you know you will be given a chance to improve your life, start a new career, meet many new, interesting people, learn new skills, visit new places. Sounds great, isn’t it? Lucky you!