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How to Pack Jewelry for Moving

Posted How-to / August 20, 2019

Whether they are valuable or sentimental items, jewelry is something we do not want to lose or break. That is why many wonder how to pack when moving jewelry by air or sea. Bear in mind that they are prone to breaking and tangling and are easily misplaced. So it is best to approach packing with care. Before you start, you might also want to make a selection of the ones you wish to keep and the ones you do not. You can also wear the ones you like the most to reduce the number of pieces you need to transport. With that in mind, we have some tips that can help you move your items safely to your new home.

Packing Jewelry in a Moving Box

When moving jewelry, it is only prudent to carry it with you. If adequately packed and protected, it will not be too much of a burden, and rolls are suitable for that task. There are compartments to keep the pieces separate and they are easily placed in your handbag. Resealable kitchen wraps are also good for the job, as you can place the items on one half of the wrap, and then fold it and press for secure transfer. Small items, such as earrings and rings, can be placed in a pill case.

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Take Inventory of Your Items

It is useful to take inventory of your items even if you are not moving, as you want to make sure you know your valuables. But in the relocation process, this is very important, as smaller pieces are easily misplaced or forgotten. The best way is to photograph them and keep the photos in your portable storage. Expensive pieces should get appraised by an expert just in case you need to claim insurance. Find out which particular details you need to enter in the form to make such a claim.

Use a Separate Box for Packing Your Jewelry

The best way to transport your jewels from your old to your new home is to place them in a separate box, even if you keep them in storage units before relocating. You can put all the appropriately packed pieces in one secure box, making sure the items do not get shaken around. Take good care that the boxes don’t open during transport.

Tips and Different Ways to Pack Your Necklaces 

It is essential to protect the items and organize them well after being packed. The easiest and safest way to store your items is to leave the pieces in their boxes. They can be transported in the specialized armoire as well. 

Packing Method for Necklaces

Necklaces are best packed in paper straws or cardboard rolls. You can thread the necklace through a straw and secure the clasp, and then wrap it in paper. If you want to pack more necklaces together, use a toilet roll. Slip them through the roll and clasp.

According to some people, egg cartons can serve the purpose, as well. Just string them through the holes on the egg carton, clasp them and wrap it all in bubble wrap or paper. Necklaces can also be packed in Ziploc bags. 

Pack Your Earrings with Buttons

Earrings are easily packed with the use of buttons. You can put the earring post through the buttonhole and the earring back on the other side. Another way is to poke the earrings through business cards. Also, they can be hooked through foam plates and then taped. A pill organizer is also an excellent way to pack earrings, as well as other small items, such as pendants.

Packing Rings Before Moving

Pill organizers can also serve to carry rings. Rings are easy to arrange. A carabiner or metal ring will do the trick. Egg cartons are handy here as well. Place the rings or other small items in individual cups, cover with crumpled paper and close. Secure with tape and label it to prevent it from being mistaken for something else. 

Figure Out Your Own Method for Moving Jewelry

Whatever the manner you choose, keeping the items close to you is recommendable. Some experts suggest mislabeling the boxes for better protection, as no one will try to steal a box labeled dirty laundry or similar. 

If these tips for moving jewelry seem like too much work and something you won’t be able to handle on your own, you can always hire professionals to do the job for you. Contact a reputable and well-established firm a get a free quote.

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