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Tips from your international moving company.

By in Overseas Vehicle Shipping January 16, 2019

Preparing your vehicle for international shipping

Since you have decided to relocate, you have been preoccupied with the tasks regarding your international procedure. One of the most important things is taking care of your vehicle. I Love International Moving has an excellent team of experts that can help you by offering you our service of overseas vehicle shipping. Before we ship your car to the address you give us, you should prepare your vehicle. Follow these simple rules to be sure your car is ready and safe for overseas shipping.

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By in I Love Moving June 27, 2018

Shipping to Hawaii

Are you thinking about relocating to Hawaii? Gather the courage to do so and start planning your relocation without any worries, because I Love Moving can help ship all your precious items without any problems. Our company will ship your items by using both sea and air transportation. The way we relocate you depends only on your preferences and your budget. Transportation by sea takes a lot longer, but it costs less and is perfect if you have a larger shipment. Air transportation is a way to ship your items quickly, but it is a lot more expensive. You are charged by the cubic space when shipping ocean freight. Shipping air freight depends on the distance of your location, the size, weight, and consistency of your package.

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