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calendar icon4 May, 2023 user iconMilly Andrews folder icon Moving Tips

Jet-Lagged and Wide Awake – Coping with Adjustment Insomnia After Moving Abroad

If you’ve recently moved abroad or plan to do so, you might be experiencing a sleep-stealing companion known as adjustment insomnia. In this blog, we’ll explore the challenges of acclimating to a new time zone and coping with the stress of settling into a new country, which can all contribute to sleepless nights. By identifying acute insomnia causes and discovering effective strategies to overcome it, we will help you learn how to wake up ready to enjoy your new life.

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calendar icon11 April, 2023 user iconMilly Andrews folder icon Moving Tips

Feeling Down In a New Home? Coping Strategies for Depression After Moving

Embarking on the adventure of relocating abroad should be a thrilling experience, yet the unexpected emotional turmoil of depression after moving can dampen the excitement. In this blog post, we will discover what relocation depression is and deliver practical coping strategies to help you navigate these overwhelming feelings, empowering you to start this life change on a positive note.

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calendar icon6 April, 2023 user iconMaya Brown folder icon How-to

How to Find a Job Abroad and Jumpstart Your International Career

Are you planning on moving overseas but don’t know where to start with your job search? Figuring out how to find a job abroad can be an intimidating experience – you’re not only leaving everything familiar behind, but you also have to start building your international career from the ground up. So, let’s explore how to go through this life-altering process confidently and jumpstart your global journey with success.

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calendar icon7 October, 2021 user iconHannah Michaelson folder icon Settling In

Balancing Finances Abroad – How to Manage Your Money When Living Overseas

Does balancing finances abroad sound scary to you? Probably. Is it really that big of a deal? With the right preparation, it doesn’t have to be. We summarized everything you need to know about how to handle finances when living abroad and what’s the best way to do it. Move to another country without a single worry with our guide.

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calendar icon1 April, 2020 user iconEva Johnson folder icon Moving Tips

15 Amazing Tips for Learning a New Language

Whoever starts the adventure called mastering a language will encounter difficulties of various kinds, from the number of words to remember and grammatical rules to apply to strange pronunciations and vocal combinations. But, by following some of the best tips for learning a new language, you’ll be able to get the grasp of your latest challenge.

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calendar icon4 November, 2019 user iconMichael Vaughan folder icon Moving Tips

A Guide to Learning a Language Abroad

Are you planning to move to another country soon? Then you should know that learning a language abroad is something you should start thinking about as early as possible, well before you decide to book international moving services. Don’t wait until the last week before your departure. Acquiring the skill to communicate in a foreign language takes a lot of time and effort, much more than a week, which is why we suggest you start right now. Here are some tips to help you do it right.

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calendar icon19 September, 2018 user iconJulie Grace folder icon How-to

How to Keep in Touch With Friends

We live in an age when keeping in touch after moving to another country has never been easier. Yet, friendships still sometimes end after the relocation. Learn how to keep in touch with friends after moving to ensure you never lose the people you care about so much. Simply follow our useful tips and we’re sure your friendship will be strong and long-lasting.

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calendar icon12 September, 2018 user iconEva Johnson folder icon Moving Tips

Breaking the Language Barrier

Why is breaking the language barrier when relocating overseas so crucial, but at the same time seems so difficult? Learning foreign tongues can make blending into a new place much easier. We’re not just talking about your ability to read books and newspapers, but actually talk with someone who speaks it. And it usually takes courage to overcome the fear and embarrassment of making mistakes or not remembering the correct word, even though you’ve said it a thousand times before.

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calendar icon25 April, 2018 user iconMichael Vaughan folder icon Moving Tips

Adjusting to a New Country

Moving to another country and living abroad is among the biggest life changes you could have made. You should keep in mind that adjusting to a new country can take time and that you will experience a certain amount of cultural shock. This is especially the case when the native culture, language, and lifestyle are quite different from what you’re accustomed to. However, there are ways for you to prepare in advance and tips that can make the transition period go as smoothly as possible.

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calendar icon14 February, 2018 user iconEva Johnson folder icon Country Guides

Where to Find Jobs for Americans in Europe ?

Did you know that around nine million Americans live outside the US, and 800,000 of those are residing in the European Union? There are so many different jobs for Americans in Europe, making a career chase one of the two most frequent reasons for an international relocation.

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